Why Should Stress Relief Never Be Free?

Stressed ManRight now my other half is very stressed.  It’s unsurprising really because there’s so much going on in our lives.  But whenever I suggest he takes time to relax he looks at me like that’s just for wimps and not what real men do.  I suspect lots of people react like he does.

But why?

Why is stress relief not taken seriously? 

Evidence suggests that stress related illnesses are much more numerous than formerly believed. A number of physicians now consider that stress might be the main cause for, and even an adverse factor in over 90% of all individuals they treat. A few believe it is even higher.

But, regardless of the increasing understanding of stress, its effects, its causes and also the way to conquer it, the incidence of stress is increasing.

Why is this?

Quite simply because our present day lifestyle puts us under intolerable pressure.  Everything we carry out HAS to be carried out at break neck speed.  We take on more and more challenges and yet our bodies are still virtually the exact design as when we were living in caves! And because stress has now also been closely linked to the expansion of tummy fat, stress is additionally known to cause obesity, itself a major killer.

So what is the answer? Why is stress relief not taken seriously by many people?

The answer is to lead a sensible way of life with as much unwinding time as possible. Sadly in today’s pressured environments, many see leisure as not using time as efficiently as possible and other folks see scheduling leisure time as some sort of weakness.

In fact I feel there is an even more fundamental reason why stress relief is not taken seriously enough by lots of people. It is because the most effective stress relief strategies are usually free of charge – including reading, sharing a night out with mates, having a laugh, getting ample rest and going for a jog.

And silly as it is, the human psyche values things according to how much money they cost.  So anything which is zero cost (free) is swept away as unimportant, and valueless. You have probably done this yourself.  How many people today only take the time to adhere to expensive stress relief courses and fitness or weight loss courses purely BECAUSE they were expensive?

And how many more invested the money in the first place as an easy way to appease their conscience and yet never get round to working through the program?

But no cost is NOT the same as free. The finest things in life are unable to be bought however that is not the same thing as being totally free.

Time is money. Good friends are invaluable. Respect and reputation have to be earned and cannot be bought.  Experiences are priceless. You can never restore lost time. Stress relief is actually not free. It takes time, commitment, determination, application, motivation.  In short, you have to work at stress relief.

It is all too easy to just not do it.

Wake up and smell the coffee. These days everyone needs to follow an active stress relief program. Build it into your every day schedule. Your wellbeing will certainly improve, you will enjoy more, be more and also be much more useful to those you love. Deep down, you know you want that.

Do you take stress relief seriously?

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  1. Hi Susan, brilliant post. I wonder if some of our current stresses are due to the fact that we are all a lot less active physically than our ancestors, who used to walk most places, work physically harder than we do, have less implements to ease the physical strain of repetitive tasks etc. A lot of people find stress relief in physical activity like the gym and exercise, but years ago there weren’t gyms because people didn’t have to participate in the additional physical activity. I know I am less stressed if I get more fresh air and exercise. And that is certainly free!

    Enjoy the journey.


    1. Good points Mandy – and definitely in line with what I believe. So much for robots and machines making life easier for us, eh? Seems like the stides they’ve afforded us as a species are being paid for by a disservice at the individual level! Sx

  2. Hi Susan,

    Great post 🙂 = and Mandy makes some good observations too!

    Personally, when I get stressed I just need a small nudge from a friend (they’ve been told to nudge me), to remind me to ‘count my blessings’…
    (Not in a religious way – just basic facts of what I have)

    Once I stop and take note – I realise I have so many great things going on and that I really do love my life.
    That always helps make stresses fade away to a bunch of small chores that need fitting in.


    1. Hi Randy –

      Can’t believe this post as it got trapped in my Spam filter! Some great observations Randy – it’s very easy to lose sight of what you’ve got/achieved and very easy to see what you don’t have. Nice reminder!


  3. Hi Susan, I agree, stress relief is very important, without it we will go pop in the end.

    There are so many ways to relief stress that don’t cost any money, we just need to go out and look around to find them.

    The local park is a good place to start.

    Best of luck for the challenge Susan

  4. Hi Susan, We all know that stress is as old as man him/herself. It would be nice if we could emulate the animal and go back to grazing when the danger is passed. How do they do that?

    But we can not do that and so the need for alcohol and excessive eating. What is it about food that gives us comfort, so that we keep on eating after we know when we have had enough?

    In my case, I mostly don’t know when I am stressed until I no longer am. Then I get a feeling of lightness, which tells me that I was stressed. Very strange.
    Good to see you in the 100 Challenge.
    Best Wishes. Brian.

    1. Brian – you and me both! I find that stress creeps up on me and I usually don’t notice it until I have some physical manifestation – headache or neck stiffness. Then I DO something about it and that’s when I realise just how stressed I was!

  5. Hi Susan
    Excellent Post! Guilty as charged I like many males never take the time to chill out and relax.
    I think the ideas you talk about are spot on and if we were to heed your advice I am sure we would see an improvement in our health. I have the view that I have to be on the go all the time other wise I feel like I am wasting time. Mental health has to be one of the biggest issues in todays society it worry’s me when I hear of people committing suicide as a way out of despair they feel. What you have written has made me think about how I need to relax Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Susan, good post bringing up the fact that you don’t have to spend money to relieve stress.

    If you learn how to turn off the stress switch for a short or long while when you can each day it can work wonders, be creative and just do it. No matter what you may think, it is a fact that it is healthy for the mind and body.

    Terry Conti

  7. Hi Susan,

    You are right, we don’t take enough time to relax and unwind.I find the computer quite relaxing.This 100 comment challenge has really relaxed me. Meeting great new people, and building my business awareness at the same time.


  8. Susan: Great post and you are so right that we don’t take stress relief as seriously as we should when it comes to managing through our issues and challenges. I know I have had those occasions when life has seemed to suck me in and before I know it, I am totally engrossed in my issues and challenges. And, the real only way out or through is by doing something to reduce that stress. I am fan of many of the things you suggested and I also try to integrate “time out” moments into my day. I have noticed that if I don’t allow myself to ever ge to deeply sucked in, it is much easier to manage through anything that comes my way. Great post and great insights.

  9. Hi Susan,

    It took me too long to realize how stress had cause health issues for me. We men always thought we are strong enough to handle anything.

    “Stress” related health issues comes like a thief that sneaks into your life at night. By the time you realized that something is wrong, it may took a lot more effort to get yourself back on track.

    I learned it the hard way, and now cherish every moments where I can simply “do nothing”.

    I think you have a good point on the Mind Trap of people now (Including me for sure) to treat “anything which is zero cost (free) is swept away as unimportant, and valueless”

    The simple blessings in life may be free of charge, but it doesn’t mean there is no value in them. Sometimes they did not come with a price tag simply because…

    They Are Priceless!

    Thanks for this valuable post you have here.

    Jason Ser

  10. Hi Susan, it seems in our modern lives nearly every situation we don’t have control of has the potential for stress, I suppose our sedentry life style with the present levels of obesity does not help at all.

    Working hard but trying to avoid stress…


  11. Hi Susan
    Great post.

    Quite recently I went through some de-stressing – to get the work/life balance back on track.

    I’m much happier and more productive for having done it.

    I never used to schedule downtime in my week…I do it all the time now…and I’ve found it’s great as my weekly focus has changed and I find myself looking forward to work ending and doing the recreation for the day…I seem to be smiling lots more too.

    See you soon

  12. Hey Susan,

    Personally I think that stress related illnesses are like you mention in your post more common that people realize among the population, but I think part of the problem is, maybe even a big part, is that it is not recognised even by the affected person!

    Thats why I feel it is a growing situation, people are not coming forward with their stress related illness because they don`t even know its there, but the end result is it is causing even more damage left untreated?

    Good subject Susan….Ed.

  13. Hi Susan,

    Great post and I must agree with Mandy we all seem to either by sitting at a computer or sitting in the car in traffic. We need to get outside and smell the roses. That’s another thing that I have noticed lately, people don’t seem to have roses growing anymore. Have people given up gardening because they don’t have the time? Perhaps a couple of hours in the garden might help to “destress” everyone. Then again so many people live in highrise apartment buildings, they don’t have the opportunity to potter in the garden. So very sad they people don’t have the time to go for a walk, don’t have time to play with the kids in the back yard (if you have one)etc. etc.

    Stress is such a huge cause of so many illnesses e.g. heart attack, high blood pressure – which can lead to a stroke – there is even some evidence that some cancers can be caused by stress.

    Will we all wake up before it is too late? We can only hope so.

    Good luck with ‘destressing’ your other half, I have a half like that myself and I keep telling him not to stress about something he can’t control, if he can do something about it, do it, if not forget it.

    Talk soon.

    Take care.


  14. Hi Susan,
    Good topic and well handled…do you realise that stress is a now word… as my parents used to say we bring it on ourselves … the modern world, enviroment and progress being the main culprit.
    Would be good if we can live to the words of the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy”…but then we won’t.
    Good to meet you. Hope to read more of your posts.

  15. Hi Susan

    You are so right, stress is very dangerous and must be taken seriously.

    I previously worked in a very stressful environment but internet marketing has freed me to work as and when I choose and I make sure I work plenty of relaxation time into my daily routine!

    Best wishes!


  16. Hi Susan

    As part of the 100 comment challenge, I have already mentioned this elsewhere, but your post really made it come to the front of my mind.

    The last few times, I have taken my children to the cinema, once the film has started and I am alone with my thoughts, I start to cry.

    I am a bloke, get a grip of yourself!

    This was nothing to do with the film. In the cinema, there is no phone, emails or pc, thus all the inner stress, without these distractions to mask it, floods to the surface and vents out in a good weep.

    If anyone asks I had the flu.

    Take time away from everything to assess truly how you are feeling.


    1. Igor –

      On the one hand your reaction (“I am a bloke, get a grip of yourself”) made me laugh but I actually think the point you’ve raised is very sad. I agree that it can be harder for men to show their feelings and release stress, and this can make it harder for men to face their stress problems. Thanks for sharing! And I hope your “flu” gets better soon!


  17. Hi Susan:

    I read your blog post. Stress levels must come down. There are several ways to do it. When there is no time a twenty minute break from the hectic environment will calm down your nerves and lower the stress pressure. But of course a good work out does that too. Vacation is a real stress buster. And many just keep working witout knowing the stress level. I hope your post wakes up a few.

    Fran Aslam

  18. Hi, Susan,

    I completely agree with you that stress is a way of life for many. This stress can take many forms (Physical, emotional, mental or even work related stress). We MUST find solutions to ease the stress and reduce the physical/emotional problems that occur because the body is kept in that constant state of turmoil. I know firsthand, pent-up emotions take a toll on a person’s physical health. That is why I take stress relief very seriously. Thanks for your excellent insight.


  19. Excellent post Susan, I agree with every word you said. 8) I was especially pleased to read your list of free stress relief strategies, I do ALL of them ALL the time. 🙂

    I have never seen reading mentioned as good for stress relief before. It is for me, but I do a lot of my reading in a pub, and I think non-readers see it as work. My ultimate relaxation is sitting in a pub with a pint of real ale, a book or newspaper, and Pink Floyd on the juke box. 8)

    I think the curse of the modern age for stress is instant communication, especially the mobile phone. People who carry that around can never escape into a stress free zone.

    Keep these posts coming Susan, you’re my kind of person. 😉


  20. Oh my Gosh! Susan! You are soooo right!! Unstressing IS way important and we DON’T think it is if it’s free!!
    It has taken me a few days to get over here, with all I have going on in my life, and I am glad I did!!
    Great post that I am gonna have to throw in my hubby’s face!! Hahaha!
    I start my stress at about 4 am and keep on going until I drop at about 10 or so.
    But….not for long!! This is why I started Internet Marketing in the first place!!
    God has blessed me with lots of kids and I have had to work all their lives, so with my internet biz up and running the way I want it to, and yes, it takes time, I will be able to sleep more, play more and enjoy life more.

    This stressful life is a temporary situation right now!

    Hope you have a wonderful day and Relax!!


  21. Hi Susan,

    Stress is a very serious matter that just gets brushed under the carpet. My wife and I get stressed many times but this is brought on our selves.

    Trying to be a great parent, taking more work on, finding time for your partner. It all builds up when you are trying to keep everyone happy.

    One way I like to take a step back refresh my mind and calm down is to go for a walk. If I get the chance I will walk the children to school. They enjoy it and get the exercise and I can think about everything and enjoy the stroll.



    1. It always amazes me what suits one person does not suit another. I find the school run one of the MOST stressful times of my day – the thought of getting my two ready 25 mins sooner so we can get to school on time walking is most definitely not relaxing! Good for you and keep it up Craig!

  22. Hi Susan…
    Wow…so, so true about stress and what it does to us. I honestly believe that stress is behind all illnesses.

    Time is moving so fast these days it is truly hard to keep up with the demands in our lives. And, you are right…we must take stock in how we can relieve this stress.

    For me it is hanging with my sisters (I always end up laughing) or some sort of exercise…
    taking long walks works but my very favorite thing to do when I am feeling stressed is to go for a bike ride. Then when I am riding, I imagine in my mind the wind blowing all my stressful cares away.

    It’s amazing how I come home with a clear mind…
    Thanks for the reminders Susan…

  23. Susan,

    Great suggestion there. A thing of great value to us all for sure.

    Sorry I don’t have great words of wisdom to impart here. There are so many before me I would be redundant as I already am. I enjoyed the post. Thank you.


  24. Susan, You are absolutely right about taking stress relief seriously.

    With my nutritionist hat on I can tell you that the stress hormones that are released by the body to help us through stress do a lot of damage to our bodies. The immune system is lowered for one thing and that is why a lot of people get infections or cancer after a stressful period.

    The trouble is that when it stops or when you try to relieve it the stress hormone levels do not automatically go back to normal. You need to be treated by someone who has knowledge in this area and can measure the stress hormones.

  25. Hi Susan

    Great post. But I think cavemen were more stressed than we are! After all, we don’t live in fear of being eaten by a sabre-tooth tiger while sat at a computer running an internet marketing online business! The difference is, when they were faced with stress, their adrenalin kicked in and dealt with it. The problem we have is our adrenalin has no where to go. That’s why physical exercise is a great way to combat stress. And exercise is free!

    I’ve posted a link to this page on identi.ca for you (makes a change from Twitter!)

    1. Yes Martyn – I agree that today’s stresses pale into insignificance when faced with certain death from a sabre toothed cat but that is why stress today is such a killer. Psychological stress has no outlet, as you say so it must be addressed directly. Exercise is indeed a wonderful stress reliever! Thanks for the comment – and for the identi.ca post! Cheers!

  26. Hi Susan

    The thing about stress is that it can be there but not always showing itself and because of this can have devastating effects.

    I always try to ‘head it off at the pass’ by taking a walk – nothing like fresh air and sunshine to lift the spirits 🙂

    Thanks for your post, we all need to aim for healthier lifestyles.

    Best wishes

  27. Hi Susan,

    Stress relief is extremely important in the world that we currently live.

    Unfortunately since it takes TIME (and sometimes money) most people don’t set it as something important. This leads us to a non-stop unhealthy condition but sadly the most of the times it’s too late.

    One thing that stresses me in my internet marketing is the “information overload”. There is SO MUCH information on the internet (both free and paid) that we fall in the trap of just learning, learning and learning new things all the time WITHOUT doing, doing and doing something.

    That’s why most people FAIL online!

    You HAVE to try this product and that product and that idea and do everything your self! This is further from truth. You have to eliminate things and consecrate only to things that will grow your business.

    Take care,

  28. Hi Susan

    Yeah, I kinda relate to your partners reaction. Its not been long that I have started creating internet marketing business along with my day job (as most of us here are doing) I am trying to run very fast and especially information overload and so many things to do by myself (unable to outsource at the moment) can play on you and increase a lot of your stress …

    So coming back to the point, sometimes when my wife asks me to relax I give her a similar reaction … having said that its just been 3 days that I have decided that I going to focussed, plan things more carefully and NOT get stressed or over-worked (that might not be a word but you know what I mean) …

    So hope to reduce stress as days pass … 🙂


    1. Definitely Abizer! I completely agree that one of the biggest causes of stress is overcommitting tasks relative to time available – but we all do it so much, and building an online business is one of the worst – especially at the start up – and especially with information overload! Focusing and prioritizing can be a nightmare… All the more reason to get everything in perspective if you are to manage stress effectively!


  29. Great article,

    I was in the same situation as your husband up till about 5 weeks ago.
    I realized that working 12 hours a day, every day (even weekends) wouldn’t cut it in the long run.

    I looked at my life and realized that the most important things in my life are my family.
    (I figured this out by listing my 100 life goals and when I looked back I saw that about 5 had to do with money and my career whilst the other 95 were about my family and living my life with them).

    This was a huge wakeup call and I have started changing my life.

    I have now a detailed plan for each week so that I know exactly what needs to be done and which days I am doing what.
    With this behind me I can work about 50% faster at work and get so much done that I don’t have to work at all weekends and I finish my workdays after 8 hours.

    There are a few techniques I have used for this, I have written about them on my blog, but it has made a HUGE difference in my life.

    I hope it can help your husbands, wish him the best of luck from me!


    1. Wow!

      Thank you for sharing your experiences here, Daniel. I think your technique will benefit a lot of others. Sounds like you have had a real like mindset change – which is essential for stress relief. Keep doing the same and you will keep getting the same results. Good for you. Keep it up!

      And thanks for your best wishes for my DH!

  30. Hey Susan,
    You’re so right about the stress relief. It is as important as making living in our life, but then again we don’t want to feel stress about how to relieve. Well, sometimes it could be if we didn”t treat it seriously. Like you said”It is all too easy to just not do it.” 5 years before my immunity is very bad and I could caught cold like every 2 months, but after I started to practice yoga, my body condition become better and now I don’t even get caught in 12 months or 14 months. I believe practicing yoga is also another way of releasing my stress, and I think everyone should consider at least one method to deal with stress.

    Stay healthy

  31. Hi Susan,

    I always make it a part of my working day to take time out do something that relives my daily stress levels – a long walk usually helps as it gives me time to clear my head an evaluate what I have done that day.

    All the best!
    Steve Wilkins.

  32. Hi Susan,

    I am reading an incredible book right now called Superself. It is written by a man named Charles Givens. He has also written a series called Wealth Without Risk.

    In the Superself book, the author recommends planning and control to releive stress. Stress is caused by ourselves most of the time. If we just do not take on more than we can handle at any given time. Also we all need to develope good habits such as daily exercise, healthy eating habits, meditation and relaxation techniques also are helpful. But most of all is have a life that is planned out. Have dreams, goals and a plan of action. If you are heading toward your dreams ande goals, life becomes exciting and more challenging and less stressful.

    Do you agree?

    Thanks for the good thoughtful post and good luck in the 100 comment challenge.

    Take Care,

    Take Care,

    1. Hi Steve –

      I certainly do agree. One of the most stressful situations for any human being is not being able to control what is going on and yet these days we can do so much to change the situation. Taking too much on, not organising our time properly and not having a proper plan leads to a lot of unfocused “busy-ness” rather than productive activity. This is massively stressful as folks tend to put more time into doing the same “busy-ness” rather than planning definitive goals and a strategy to reach them. And yet planning goals and deciding a strategy means ultimately leads to getting things done – things that you wanted to do in the first place. This in turn gives a sense of purpose and achievement – which ultimately and inevitably lead to a greater sense of happiness and lower stress.

      Excellent comment Steve!

  33. Hi Susan,
    This is Pierre & Pierrette from the 100 comment challenge at http://theequest.com/?p=3018.
    We have been married 39 years and are only 58 years young.
    You need to have a very healthy Body, Mind & Spirit to be able to let stress pass you by.Most of us stress at the smallest problem.You always need to ask yourself,”what is the worst that can happen”? Will you be shot if…? See what I mean?
    When we were young lovers with children, we would hire a babysitter regularly that we could not afford to go out to a “free refill” coffee shop and spend hours talking and dreaming of our future with the kids. Never let stress take control. Tell The Law Of Attraction to bring you solutions and peace always in your heart and it shall be so,always.
    Thanks for your blog
    Pierre & Pierrette

    1. Wow, what an inspirational anecdote Pierre! You obviously use the LOA to bring you good stuff in life – and a strong and positive mindset is definitely a boon in relieveing stress. Too many people focus on what they DON’T want in life. As you say, reframing it (what’s the worst that can happen?) can help but I find this approach works well only if you are not already in desperate straits at the time. When everything is overwhelming, a relaxing bath, a hug and a talk with someone who can help is often a better approach. You obviously have your own stress well under control with a positive life perspective. Congrats!

  34. Hi Susan,

    Stress Relief! What is that! 😆 Have been under a lot of that the last month! Something about a blogging challenge! Oops on that one!

    I used to live a very busy life with too much going on. I knew something was wrong when I started to develop anxiety in my early thirties. I learned different techniques on controlling it and avoiding the situations that would stress me however it wasn’t until I got pregnant with my bubba that I knew I had to make changes with my life.

    First was the fact that I got gestational diabetes due to stress and work and had to take care of myself. That was one big wake up call and next was noticing how my daughter responded to me if I got stressed.

    If I got stressed, she got stressed etc etc. In order to keep my daughter calm and happy I need to be calm and happy. She has actually been my greatest stress release at this stage!

    Hope the challenge has been keeping you busy!

    Had better continue blog hopping. I have to visit 60 blogs in 3 days! oops on that one! 😛


    Jacinta 😀

  35. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for a very interesting observation, I enjoyed your post very much.

    I like many men just tend to shrug off stress and try the, carry on at all costs approach. Even though I know this is not the best approach in the long run.

    Your post has been a timely reminder that I need to take a more sensible approach to stress.

    Very nice to meet you on the challenge Susan.



    1. Hi Brian – The problem with “shrugging off” stress us that it doesn’t work. You can either tackle it (for the long term or short term using stress relief measures such as a massage), or not tackle it at all. Sadly, as you point out, a lot of people think that it can be simply ignored. Thanks for the comment.

  36. Hi Susan,

    This is a very good post and very relevant for everyone on the planet. I used to work at a job that paid me very well, but the downside was that it came with a lot of stress.

    Most of my work involved managing technology problems for a large corporation over the phone as a liaison. I worked out of my home and often would pace back and forth as I was having conversations with customers. My wife tells me that I sometimes would actually shake and turn various shades of red. When I got off calls, I would be so tense.

    That job went away after ten years and company down-sizing. I miss the nice money, but not the stress! I have since learned many ways to control and eliminate stress and I feel so much better.

    Stress can kill you or do major damage to your body if you don’t do something about it. Find ways to eliminate or reduce it, and you will be better off. Susan, I know you already know this all to well.

    Thank you,


  37. Hello Susan, excellent article! The effects of stress and anxiety are most noticeable when you’re in the presence of someone who’s stressed out. Husbands, wives, children, and employees are probably all to familiar with the feeling. Endocrinologist Hans Selye has defined two main types of stress – one is a healthy or positive stress or ‘eustress’ and the other is unhealthy and negative or ‘distress’. May the eustress be with you, take care, Steve D.

  38. Hi Susan!

    Great thoughts on stress relief!

    Just this week I’ve been thinking about how I just don’t take enough time for myself, to relax, recharge and connect. It’s definitely been moved up higher on my list of priorities! 😉

  39. Sue

    Great post for the 100 comment challenge – raises an interesting yet much overlooked concept of stress being everywhere these days. Its all to easy to not realise the stresses that we face on a daily basis and its so important to take time out to relax and overcome these issues, yet all too often we dont bother. A timely reminder….

  40. Susan:

    This is an excellent and thought provoking post!

    I have a hard time having time to unwind and just relax on even a semi-regular basis. I hardly have time to relax or even workout any more.

    Both of my kids are in sports and we a constantly on the go. We have very little down time. When we are always on the go we get tired and then we get cranky with each other and we start to fuss with each other.

    We try to have some quality family time to relax and enjoy each other on the weekends but even that doesn;t happen as often as we would like. For example tonight my son has baseball practice from 7 to 9 and I help coach his team. We will all be there and will probably not get home and get the kids to bed until after 10. Then both kids have practice tomorrow at different times during the day so we will be running all over the place.

    Anyway, we recognize when we all get tired and we try to make time to relax at home. We do not mind the free ways to relax.

    Good luck to you!

    – Rick

    1. Mine are still quite small so I’ve all that to come, Rick but I completely understand what you are saying! The trick is knowing when all your running around is just busy-ness, and when it is stress relieving activity. If busy-ness, then it is building stress. Sadly this is exactly the time when many people decide they simply don’t have enough time to relax. It can be a Catch 22!

      Thanks for the comment.

  41. Susan, isn’t it curious that humans sweep aside some of the most crucial issues of our lives? When I try to logic it out, I can get frustrated because there really is no logic in it. But a more intelligent part of me understands that every seemingly illogical choice is part of our journey as souls.

    Every era has a different focus, and I’m excited to be living when humanity is becoming more aware of that which truly nurtures us. The studies all agree that a reduction in stress is highly beneficial, and may indeed be the cause of disease itself. But this is so radically different than the last eras focus of logic and science that it will take time for the masses to accept. But it is happening, one person at a time 🙂

    Thanks for writing about this topic and getting a discussion going. I encourage everyone to take a moment right NOW – just a minute or two – to relax in whatever way works for you. Close your eyes and just breathe. See if you don’t feel better afterwards 😉



  42. Hi Susan, Stress comes in all shapes and sizes as I have came to find over the last year or so, after 3 heart attacks, a death in the family and of a close friend plus working 60 hrs a week had really taken it’s toll. The one thing I did learn is that with the support of family and friends and the ability to just ‘step back’ has helped me enormously. The pressure is still there but I do not have to take it all on myself constantly. I now feel much better for it and count my blessings daily. An excellent post well worth the reading, thankyou.

  43. Hi Susan,

    I suffered very badly from stress a long long time ago, and it really does a whole lot of damage to you both physically and mentally.

    Thankfully with a lot of support I managed to erm, manage my stress lol.

    I can quickly spot the stress signs now and adjust my life accordingly.

    I hope more people follow your advice in this post, it was very well written and extremely helpful.

    Hope I stressed my point enough ha ha.

    Take care Sally 🙂

  44. We all seem to be living life in the fast lane these days, but for what? Where are we all going in such a hurry?

    We need to take a step back, take a deep breath and relax. It’s unlikely that the world will end if we don’t finish that project by tonight, or if that job isn’t completed by the end of the week. As Pierre and Pierrette commented earlier, what is the worst that can happen? Will you be shot? Unlikely!

    A lovely lady once said to me that as long as you have your health and your strength, you have everything. I always try to keep that in mind if I feel I’m getting stressed. Do the things that are stressing us out really matter in the grand scheme of things.

    As WH Davies said, “what is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?” Always make some time to relax and get things into perspective.

    Warm Regards

    1. I agree with you Lynn. Taking a step back and letting things slide for a while can help reduce unneccessary stresses. however, I think there is another pressure these days – especially online where everyone is constantly told to “take action”. One of the common features of the most successful people is often quoted as “urgency”. They get things done to a deadline, now, as quickly as they can. As more and more people come online to build a buisiness or just earn some extra cash, the pressure to “do everything now” becomes very real. It can be very hard to maintain a sense of proportion between “taking a step back” and maintaining sufficient “urgency” to get tasks completed before we die!

      Thanks for the comment!

  45. Hi Susan,

    In todays manic world people are so busy looking after everything and everyone else they forget to take care of themselves.

    Unfortunately this often ends in stress related illness and then every aspect of ones life suffers.

    If everyone took your advice and practised a method of stress relief on a daily basis the world would be a more productive and happy place.

    Enjoy the challenge

  46. Susan

    This post was absolutely brilliant. Yes, it is horrible the havoc that stress can put upon our bodies. I was particularly interested in the one about how it causes tummy fat, a problem of mine. I just read yesterday about the hormone that causes it.

    Thanks for a great post. Good to meet you,



  47. Hi Susan,

    I take stress relief very seriously!! Some people may feel like they don’t have the time to de-stress (one of the reasons it’s not so free), but it’s so important for our health and well being – we just cant function otherwise.

    Thanks for the post and wonderful insights to stress and stress relief!

    via 100 Comment Challenge

  48. Hi Susan,
    Great Post! It’s nice that you wrote about this. I believe many people are dealing with stress in some fashion. It’s important that awareness is created because sometimes it’s difficult for people to acknowledge the importance of relaxing.

    Much Success,

    Lorina Noble
    Miss Mindset Makeover
    Millionaire Mindset

  49. Susan, The last few months for me have been very busy and stressful. I took a wild leap into unknown territory for a man and have been getting a one hour relaxation massage every week for almost the last two months. It has been a wonderful experience and I am not sure how I could have coped without the weekly chill-out and de-stress.

    I can highly recommended it for anyone who is taking a hit from a high stress period in their lives.


  50. Hi Susan
    I used to, until I got too stressed 🙂
    Actually, you make a very good point.
    I’ve found that for those who are prepared to take the risks seriously and do something about it, something good always comes from it. Ironically, its in times of stress and worry, the very time when we need to relax more, that we don’t.
    Best of luck with the challenge

  51. Hi Susan,

    Great post thank you.

    I guess we’re dealing with history (or is it tradition) here.

    There seems to be a stigma associated with stress related illness. It’s as if it’s a dign of weakness and perhaps that in turn is an echo back to the traditional male dominated view of life, fuelled by testosterone.

    As one who has been through this mill and become an outcast in traditional business, it’s so good to be part of this community where the facade is of so little importance

    Thank you

    Author of ‘Sticky Memory’

  52. It does surprise me how people just dismiss stress and think its an excuse to get out of doing something.

    Personally I always try to take time out for myself and have a few treats like a hot bath with a good book and an irish coffee.

    Works well to de-stress me.


    Dawn Kay

  53. Hi Susan
    This is thought provoking stuff. I don’t think stress relief can be free as we have to learn to recognise the serious consequences of stress, within ourselfs as well as the broader aspect.
    Some stress I think can be good… by that I mean, no mental stimulation is the road to nowhere. The key is to regognise the difference.The 100 blog cvhallenge is a great idea, but the downside has been that I have not spent enough time on your site, I will be back,
    I have been accussed of being to stressed(by close friends) and dissmissed it as I was focused on getting the job done. Sometimes we can concertrate on the immediate problem or task and lose the bigger picture in the process.

  54. Hi Susan,
    I’ve been hopping my heart out trying to get to all these blogs to honor my commitment to this challenge. I still have a lot of ground to cover so I can leave a comment.
    Have a good one.
    Enjoy the Challenge.

  55. Hi Susan,

    Stress is one of those factors that also tells you to quit just when you’re about to get there. Without properly giving yourself the ample time needed to relax and even have fun with what you’re doing, you’ll find that you’re setting yourself up for a lot of anger and resentment towards things and people you shouldn’t. Overall, life is a game, make the most of it through enjoying the finer things in life. Money should be not be the goal but lifestyle. Thanks for sharing this discussion. I enjoyed it!

    See you on the 100th comments.

  56. Hi Susan,
    I agree that we need more time to de-stress in this increasingly stressful world we live in…. It is hard but with discipline we can all get there. I need to take my own advice and do a bit more resting and a little less internet surfing. Not always easy but necessary. Thanks Susan!
    Stopped by on my 11th hour visit for the 100 comment challenge.

  57. Hi, Susan
    Sorry I didn’t make it before midnight last night – but I promised to comment on 100 blogs so I plan on keeping going!

    You’re so right about stress and the fact that everything HAS to be done at breakneck speed and at a specific time.

    Then when there are multiple children, add all their activities and hey presto – more things to squeeze in to the breakneck routine.

    When my 3 eyoungsters were little, being a mean mummy 😛 – I made them choose only 1 activity each a week – then we had 1 afternoon when we did “family” stuff so that accounted for 4 activities per week – enough for me to keep track of.

    Now I’ve semi-retired to Spain and just love the pace of life – it kinda sucks you into it’s own rhythm and “stress” doesn’t raise it’s ugly head.

    I hope your other half gets to “smell the roses” soon!


    1. Hi Jennifer –

      You are SO right about kids being overscheduled these days – and I don’t think you were a mean mum, but I bet your kids did! Peer pressure and parental pushiness is making kids more and more stressed out themselves! Thanks for your insights and good luck with the Spanish way of life! We ould all learn a thing or two from them!


  58. Hi Susan

    I enjoyed reading your post on stress relief and learned a few years ago that chasing money is a fools game.

    When I was in that situation I found physical leisure activities worked wonders. Afterwards I might be physically tired but mentally very relaxed.



  59. Hi Susan,
    Pierre from theequest.com.
    Stress is such an intangible problem with most people. In all my research and trials and tribulations I have found that what people eat is at the root of so many problems that the world should just “STOP”. Yes if we where to evaluate what is the major cause of stress, I am sure it would begin with what, how and why people eat so poorly.
    Just a thought,
    Hope to discuss it with you.
    Thee Quest For Perfect health

  60. Hi again Susan,
    Just a comment.You are so close to finding the solution to one of the worlds leading problems(stress) it isn’t even funny.
    Please keep on working and The Law of Attraction has brought many wonderful ideas to you lately.
    I just needed to extend an itchy finger into your realm.
    Thanks again

  61. Hi Susan,

    Yes, de-stressing is something that I have had so much trouble doing over the years. I just can’t seem to shut everything off long enough to really relax.

    Meditation is definitely out. Can’t seem to shut my mind down.

    I know that it is super important to have a de-stress plan built into your every day life but haven’t been able to do it consistently.

    I’ll work on it using some of your words of wisdom here.

    Thanks for a great post!

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