What Is The Only Guaranteed Way To Beat Stress?

Many people assume that stress is a fact of life – that children do not experience it and that occasional overbearing stress is just a way of adult life.  But is are these truths or myths?

I say, myths.

There are people who live relatively stress free lives.  These people can have the same harrowing jobs, the same hassles with the traffic on the school run and really tough family issues.  They can have been laid off or be facing serious money worries and yet they do not get as stressed as we do.

Everyone knows that there are ways to reduce stress which involve taking it easy at precisely the time when you do not have time to take things easy.  And knowing that you do not have time to address your stress levels only makes things worse.  Certainly, taking a break, walking more, using stress balls, having a massage, doing some deep breathing and so on are all very effective stress relievers, but they are all aimed at the here and now element of your stress rather than the root cause.  Which means that whatever is causing your stress will still be there when you have finished your massage.

So how can you treat the cause of your stress rather than just the symptoms? 

Again this is very hard to do, depending on what your particular stressor is.  After all, if you are under pressure because you are going through a difficult divorce, looking after infirm relatives or have a difficult boss, these circumstances are unlikely to improve without considerable input from other people over the long term. 

Which means that your stress will likely still be there next year, and the year after… So does this mean that there is no hope for beating stress?


There is one thing, and only one thing, which is guaranteed to bring permanent relief from long term stress.  You have to change your perspective and decide not to get stressed about it.  Easier said than done.

Or is it?

I’ll let you know how I do this in another post, but feel free to leave your tips in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “What Is The Only Guaranteed Way To Beat Stress?”

  1. I totally agree with you, Susan. If we can change the way we see deal with the difficulties we have we can alleviate stress. For me fresh air does it. I get out on my own and take deep breaths, it helps me to concentrate on me and enables me to think rationally about any situation.

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. In order to get myself in a more positive frame of mind, I usually try to think of things in terms of what will still matter to me 6 months or a year from now. If it will barely be a blip on the radar then, it’s not worth my stressing about now.

    And when all else fails, I’m a big believer in blaring loud alternative rock music. 😉

  3. Hi Susan

    I always go for a swim when I am stressed for some reason that seems to help me focus more and clear my head a little.

    But I do agree with you, trying to not get so stressed is the best way.


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