This Should Have Been Easy, Why Was It So Hard?

Right now I’m searching for “my niche”.  I joined John Thornhill’s Masterclass Coaching Program a number of weeks ago specifically for assistance and tips on how best to develop my own information product online, set up all of the sales page, download page, squeeze page, affiliate tools page, and get everything set up at Clickbank or PayDotCom etc.

This is something I’ve been looking forward to.  However, when JT gave the instructions last week for us to begin to find our own niche, I immediately struggled.  Why?

I have blogged about finding a niche before so I was not surprised by the list John asked us to create. 

1)    List the subjects you have blogged about

2)    List what you are good at

3)    List what other people think you’re good at

4)    List my favourite websites

5)    List what I enjoy / am interested in

Should be straight-forward enough I thought.  And yet I still have not completed the list. 

I have found it easy enough to identify things in categories 1, 3, 4, 5 but have not written a single thing down in category 2!  Why not?

Is it because I have been at home with twin pre-schoolers for a while and I have forgotten what it is to be good at anything because I’m just too busy being “good enough”, “sufficient” and “in time” with everything I have to do each day? 

Is it because I have unbelievably high expectations of myself (I am a perfectionist) so that anything I do in the real world necessarily falls short of what I expected it to be? 

Or maybe have just never taken the time to sit down and be honest about what I am good at?

Or maybe it’s a combination. 

I struggle to list what I am good at because I can’t define what “good” is as I always think I could do better?

I asked my DH about this and, unusually for him, he was very positive.  He said, “But you’re actually good at everything you do, whatever you choose to do you’ll be good at it”.  (Wow!)

So extrapolating from this glowing comment I think I’ll focus on the “What I enjoy / am interested in” and ”What others think I’m good at” a bit more!  After all, it’s good to achieve whatever you set out to achieve, even if your route actually takes you a whole different way from what you planned!

Or maybe that’s what I’m good at: problem solving, refocusing challenges, finding alternative solutions and thinking outside the box (yes, I did used to be a consultant!)  LOL!

So, if your chosen route forward is blocked, find a different way to go around to your goal.

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1 thought on “This Should Have Been Easy, Why Was It So Hard?”

  1. Brilliant, Susan! I love reading your posts. I have to say that whatever you write you have a great style that is really easy to read. It’s a fabulous thing to be able to do as there are so many badly written or hard to read articles and blogs out there. Ross Kenny has written a good post on writing.

    I too have found the simple task of making the lists difficult. I have already written a product I wanted to market (that’s why I joined JT’s masterclass) and now find my ‘niche product’ doesn’t appear on any lists anywhere! Maybe I’m heading in the wrong direction!

    On a personal note, it is a common issue with dynamic women that they find it hard to identify anything they feel ‘good’ at. Just know that you are and always will be.

    Enjoy the journey!


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