Do You Have Stress Weight?

What does your weight have to do with stress?  Much more than you think!  Aside from the fact that many of us are overweight due to eating during a stressful situation, stress hormones in our bodies actually tell our bodies to store fat during stressful times.  It’s like adding insult to injury! 

It’s safe to say that the majority of people react to stress by eating something that makes them feel better – that’s why it’s known as comfort food.  Some eat more than others, obviously.  But during a time of stress, no matter what the cause, your body secretes chemical messengers that are designed to protect the body during times of prolonged stress, like starvation or other deprivation.

The thing is that the body doesn’t differentiate between kinds of stress.  Whilst our ancestors were usually faced with very real, physical stress, such as a hairy mammoth charge, which required them to stand their ground and fight, or run away, the “fight or flight” response is not so clear cut today.

In fact, much of the stress we feel today is perceived, psychological stress.  The tension of a bad relationship, the trauma of learning of a loved one is dying, the stress of watching a high action adventure or the anxiety of a scary nightmare – they all add up to stress to your body.  And any stress will cause the body to secrete high levels of stress hormones, also causes your body to store fat!

The moral of the story is: reduce your stress if you want a successful weightloss journey.  Not as easy as saying it, is it?  Nothing worth doing ever is.  Obviously exercise is a perfect choice to tackle both problems but what if you’re unable to exercise?  The good news is that anything you do to help you reduce your stress levels will also help with your weight.  Check out the stress busting tips posts in this blog.

So start taking your stress reduction seriously if you want to lose weight!

Health Problems Exacerbated By Stress

Unless you are at your peak of health, you need to try and relax.  At the very least, you should take steps to avoid getting stressed out further.  Why?  Well because stress harms your health in more ways than one.  

You probably know that chronic stress by itself is known to contribute to many health issues, but did you also know that even when you’re suffering from something quite minor, such as a common cold, or even a paper cut, a small dose of stress can compound the problem and slow down your recovery rate.

Chronic stress can cause your blood pressure to rise, wreak havoc on your immune system (putting you at risk for more illness), and “age” you faster than normal.  But even short term stress that’s extreme in nature can cause existing health issues to flare up to dangerous or very uncomfortable levels.

For example, someone who suffers from skin conditions such as eczema or hives can see a increase in their break-outs.  And anyone suffering from Candida yeast infections will know that they suffer more at times of stress.  Depression becomes more unmanageable and your prescription drugs become less effective.

Extreme stress can also increase the likelihood that your digestive system won’t work as well, and that you’ll suffer from more severe sleep disorder symptoms if this happens to be an area of concern for you.

And anyone struggling with obesity, or just carrying more weight than they should be, knows only too well just how easily stress causes even more weight gain.  Overweight people need to de-stress to lose weight.  It seems only thin people lose weight when they are stressed.

If you currently have any health conditions, examine how stress may be a contributing factor in your current diagnosis.  What if you could reduce your stress levels substantially?  How would your health improve?  Work to find a solution for your stress today!