Keep Schtum If You Want To Succeed

I want to share a personal thought with you.  I’m not going to discuss exactly why I’m sharing this with my online family.  Read into it what you will.

First, let me give you an image. 

Every relationship you have is like a see-saw.  It has its ups and downs.  However, if it is to survive longterm, you need to get it into equilibrium, level, steady, where both parties know what their role is and are happy with the give and take ratio. 

However, when it is in equilibrium and you change, for example by changing your dreams and doing something different such as starting an online business, you upset the equilibrium of the see-saw. 

This is uncomfortable for the other person in the relationship.  They were happy with the status quo and did not want to change.  But in order to regain the equilibrium of the see-saw, they need to change too.  Or, they need to push you back to where you were before;  they resist the change and try stop you from achieving your dreams.  Resisting your change is easier for them because they don’t have to change themselves.  But it does put you firmly back into the box you’d just escaped out of. And that’s stressful.

Obviously pursuing your dreams is easier if your loved ones are supportive.  But if they’re not, don’t let that stop you.

If your loved ones pour ridicule, negativity and disapproval onto your dreams of an online business, don’t listen.  You do not need their approval to succeed.  And if you need help, do not ask them.  Find a forum and ask online.  There are thousands of good guys out there who just love to help. 

If this is painful, just think of it as another short term sacrifice, like giving up watching your favourite soap whist you grow your online business.

They’re your friends; family and loved ones and you love them.  You want them to feel your hope, your excitement and share your dreams.  Of course you do.  But if they don’t, I suggest from my own experience keep your dreams to yourself.  It’s much less stressful and easier to stay motivated when negative comments aren’t constantly being poured into your head. 

The time to share your dreams is when you’ve build your business.  Even a doubting Thomas will be impressed when your online business is paying off significant household bills. 

Keep your dreams.  Reduce your stress.  Keep schtum.