Stress Relief – Just Do It

Stress is largely a matter of perception.  That does not mean that you do not have real physical responses.  The stress fight or flight response is very real.  Rather the way you interpret stress is subjective and varies from one person to another.  You can change your stress levels by changing the way you perceive things.  However, what if you no longer notice it?  How can you change your perception of stress if you are so used to living with it that you no longer realise it is there? 

If this is you (and it is probably most of us), then you need to take steps to manage stress on an ongoing basis.  Stress kills.  Forget about it, ignore it, get used to living with high levels of it and you are setting yourself up for serious health problems.    

If you ignored your car for years, you would not be surprised when it started to break down, would you?  Thought not!

So why expect your mind and body to perform optimally when they are bombarded with high levels of stress over a long time and you do nothing about it?  YOU may have become unaware of your stress, but your body has not.  Never forget stress kills.

But there is a problem (or should I say excuse?)  Stress management programs are typically time consuming, expensive one-off events which get you all fired up and motivated.  You may even have to travel out of town to attend them.  Your commitment to stress reduction at the time, is unquestioned.  But after a while, your motivation dwindles and you lapse back into your old lifestyle.  Stress starts to build again. 

So do it differently. Commit to stress reduction.  Really commit.  If you do not reduce your stress levels, no-one will.  And if you are half hearted about stress relief, don’t waste your time starting.  Much better you keep on just as you are and become less and less efficient in your current life until a heart attack or stroke forces you to take an alternative lifestyle.  Assuming you survive that is…

Or you could take stress relief seriously.  Manage it effectively and you will get better control of your time, be more productive and ultimately happier.  Why not start by downloading my
free stress relief tips ebook?

Stress relief.  Just do it.

8 Top Tips For Bored Stressed Out Folk Looking To Get Motivated

Actually Play with the Kids

It is a well known fact that stress kills, or rather stress induced diseases kill.  But research has shown that in fact boredom kills more people every year in the western world than stress does!  So it is important to manage both your stress levels AND boredom levels at the same time. 

That may sound hard, but if you think about it, you can do this easily by managing your time effectively.  Do this and you will get through your to do list efficiently, which will lower your stress levels, AND at the same time your mind will be focused on different things during the day, which will keep it active and interested!  After all, you simply cannot get bored when you are constantly presenting your mind with new information and opportunities!

However, this all needs to be done in a proper way.  A typical human concentration span for a normally intelligent adult is only about 35 minutes.  After that, your brain may start wandering.  It is at times like this that you find you are suddenly doing something completely different from what you started out doing!

So if this sounds like you, then here are my top tips to help reduce stress levels, decrease boredom, get more done and stay motivated.

1 Take scheduled breaks. 
It takes around seven minutes to get back into productive work once you have been interrupted, whether it is someone asking you if you want a coffee, a phone call or a comfort break.  So schedule a five minute break every 45 minutes and TAKE IT.  That way you will still have time to get back to your workspace, take your 7 minutes “recovery time” and still have 35 minutes concentrated work before your next break.

2 Drink water. 
The brain works at its best only when it is properly hydrated.  Adults should drink around 2 liters of water every day.  Try keeping a bottle of water by your computer and drink it slowly throughout the day. 

3 Use background music or don’t. 
For some people background music aids concentration.  Others need total quiet.  At least one person I know keeps the TV droning on softly in the background.  Find out what helps you concentrate and USE IT.  However, if you should find yourself actually watching the TV, switch it off and go for a proper break!

4 Tackle tougher tasks during your optimal time of day. 
If you are a morning person, do your product development or whatever during the morning and leave more mundane tasks for the afternoon.  If you are an evening person, reverse this.

5 Work on two tasks by switching between both. 
This works best if the tasks are on related topics, for example different aspects of the same project.  This allows you to stay focused whilst not getting bored with either task. It will ensure you stay motivated.

6 Put some potted plants around your computer.  Potted plants help you stay relaxed and motivated and help increase the oxygen in your thinking space!

7 Maintain a DONE list. 
To Do Lists can be very de-motivating as they never end and it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  However, if you add a completed task to a DONE list, you will stay motivated and feel a sense of achievement as you see it grow.  This helps reduce stress levels because you have tangible proof that you are getting somewhere!

8 Actively relax at the end of the day. 
Do this by taking a brisk walk with the dog, doing some simple stretches, taking a soak in the bath, doing a work out, actually playing with the kids, reading etc.  Let your brain know it is time to switch off and recharge.

Follow these tips and you will become less stressed, more motivated and kill boredom for good! Think I’ve missed any?  Let me know by commenting below!

And yes they are my kids! 🙂