You Need To Get Out To Keep Going

On Friday I went to my first ever London Lunch, hosted by Martin Avis.  I was pretty nervous because I haven’t needed to walk into a room full of strangers for the purposes of “networking” for literally years.  And internet marketers can be pretty aggressive and hard hitting I think.  So I was in two minds whether I was looking forward to it or not (but obviously I told everyone I was!).

The day before, Martin sent out an email saying that Phil Wiley was going – in truth I had absolutely no idea who Phil Wiley was but Martin mentioned that there had been a “surge” in sign-ups following Phil’s announcement on his blog that he was going so I figured Phil was “Someone” with a “list”. 

I headed over to his blog to find out.  I read the post about him coming to the London Lunch (he lives in Australia so gets to the UK only twice a year or so).  I commented that I was going and that it was my first time.  I didn’t expect anything so I was deeply touched when Phil commented back.  I signed up for his list.  He sent me a personal email quoting from my blog and then at the lunch, he came to find me to say hello. 

How decent was that?  And he’s a really nice bloke too – even gave me a bit of a nudge over the eBook I’m writing for the JT Masterclass – well more like gestating actually!  LOL.

The following message is for anyone who just grimmaced and said “I know what you mean!”


It’s good to get out now and again.  Working from home and trying to make money online can be very lonely.  And even though meeting “gurus” is all very well, actually I think the long term benefit of the London Lunch was meeting people – many of whom are more technical (and further “along”) than I am.  Having met them face to face, I wouldn’t hesitate to email them (or even use my brand new Skype headset!)

Note to self – must get some business cards done for next time!