Why Should Stress Relief Never Be Free?

Stressed ManRight now my other half is very stressed.  It’s unsurprising really because there’s so much going on in our lives.  But whenever I suggest he takes time to relax he looks at me like that’s just for wimps and not what real men do.  I suspect lots of people react like he does.

But why?

Why is stress relief not taken seriously? 

Evidence suggests that stress related illnesses are much more numerous than formerly believed. A number of physicians now consider that stress might be the main cause for, and even an adverse factor in over 90% of all individuals they treat. A few believe it is even higher.

But, regardless of the increasing understanding of stress, its effects, its causes and also the way to conquer it, the incidence of stress is increasing.

Why is this?

Quite simply because our present day lifestyle puts us under intolerable pressure.  Everything we carry out HAS to be carried out at break neck speed.  We take on more and more challenges and yet our bodies are still virtually the exact design as when we were living in caves! And because stress has now also been closely linked to the expansion of tummy fat, stress is additionally known to cause obesity, itself a major killer.

So what is the answer? Why is stress relief not taken seriously by many people?

The answer is to lead a sensible way of life with as much unwinding time as possible. Sadly in today’s pressured environments, many see leisure as not using time as efficiently as possible and other folks see scheduling leisure time as some sort of weakness.

In fact I feel there is an even more fundamental reason why stress relief is not taken seriously enough by lots of people. It is because the most effective stress relief strategies are usually free of charge – including reading, sharing a night out with mates, having a laugh, getting ample rest and going for a jog.

And silly as it is, the human psyche values things according to how much money they cost.  So anything which is zero cost (free) is swept away as unimportant, and valueless. You have probably done this yourself.  How many people today only take the time to adhere to expensive stress relief courses and fitness or weight loss courses purely BECAUSE they were expensive?

And how many more invested the money in the first place as an easy way to appease their conscience and yet never get round to working through the program?

But no cost is NOT the same as free. The finest things in life are unable to be bought however that is not the same thing as being totally free.

Time is money. Good friends are invaluable. Respect and reputation have to be earned and cannot be bought.  Experiences are priceless. You can never restore lost time. Stress relief is actually not free. It takes time, commitment, determination, application, motivation.  In short, you have to work at stress relief.

It is all too easy to just not do it.

Wake up and smell the coffee. These days everyone needs to follow an active stress relief program. Build it into your every day schedule. Your wellbeing will certainly improve, you will enjoy more, be more and also be much more useful to those you love. Deep down, you know you want that.

Do you take stress relief seriously?

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