How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Are You On Target For Success?

March finishes on Tuesday 31st.  That’s next Tuesday.  So by next Tuesday, one quarter of this year will be over.  That means that to be on target, you should have completed one quarter of the tasks that you will complete by the end of the year.  Your business plan for this year should be well under way.

And is it?  Really?

If not, do not despair.  What you need to do right now is re-plan. Do NOT try to retrieve what you should have done but have not.  Do not try to catch up now.  You can’t.  It’s crazy even to try.

Disaster planning does NOT work and in the long term is hideously expensive. 


Just take stock and figure out what you can do to get your online business back on track.  In other words, by next Tuesday what will you have crossed off your To-Do list?

Think “what’s the SINGLE thing I can achieve THIS week that will get me closest to my overall goal for the month/year (delete as applicable)”.

Focus on that ONE thing.  If you don’t have time left this month for that ONE thing, change your objective.  You’re not in this to impress anyone else but yourself.  Change your objective.

By the end of the month you WILL have achieved something great!

If you don’t yet have an objective for the year, use the time between now and the end of the month to figure out what you want to have achieved by the end of the year and break it down into monthly tasks.  Estimate the time to do them.  Schedule them.  Make next month count.

Building an online business is do-able.  Just take it step by tiny step. 

“How do you eat an elephant?”  “One bite at a time!”