Tired Of Struggling To Find A Creative Solution?

To imagine a world without creative people is hard to do.  We all know that it’s these people that make our lives better.  They come up with all the inventions that make our lives more comfortable and efficient.

Unfortunately many of us are not born with such talents for creativity.  Nonetheless, you can boost your creative energies with many different types of techniques.

Creativity is manifested by different individuals in different ways.  It’s hard to gauge how creative you are in comparison with other people.  All you can do is hone your own skills and expand your creativity as well as you can.

Unleashing Your Inner Artist

In the journey to creativity, there are hundreds of different roads you can take.  However, there are a few methods that may be more effective than others, and we will be discussing them right here.

1. Write Down 100 Creative Ideas
Take a seat in a quiet place and start writing any creative idea that comes to mind.  None of the ideas has to be related to any another and it doesn’t have to be something you know how to do or bring to life.  Simply write down your thoughts.  In fact it’s better to not go back and edit yourself.

2. Take Part In Activities That Incite Your Five Senses
Watching an art exhibit, dining at a new restaurant and listening to various music genres are among the best examples.  The more frequently you do these activities, the more attuned you will be to each of your senses.

3. Read Books That Motivate You
Motivational books and quotes are great ways to exercise you creative mind.  Many of these inspirational words stick with you and help creativity in the long run.

4. Take A Break From The Ordinary
The hustle and bustle of urban living can suppress the bursting creativity within you.  You might be surprised at the difference that a short weekend in the country can do for you.

5. Paint Your Walls Yellow
According to many psychologists around the world, surrounding yourself with this color is quite effective in encouraging the flow of your creative juices.  This is why many artists’ studios and architectural offices have yellow walls.

6. Ask Someone To Share Their Creativity
Just find someone and start talking about creative things.  The more you vent and the more you hear the more the two of you will come up with.  It causes a snowball effect in the creative mind.

7. Slow Down
It won’t do you any good to try and force creative thoughts from your mind.  The best thing to do is take a 5 minute break and relax.  Meditate, do yoga, or anything that relaxes you personally.  Then go back to your project, you will have more creative thoughts now.

Discovering Your Creative Streak

Like was mentioned before there are many ways to stimulate your creative thinking.  Try these 7 ways and any other you think that will work for you.

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The Science Of Getting Rich: 7 Principles From Chapter Fifteen

“The Advancing Man”

Deep down, I believe that for most people, becoming all you want to be is one of our ultimate goals. We all want to know that we have made a mark on the world, and that we have truly lived life.

Wattles points out that often, in many professions, especially helping professions like teaching, medicine, and ministry, those involved go about it all wrong. Instead of helping others reach a new level, they simply create more of what they are trying to get rid of.

Teaching breeds more ignorance, medicine brings more disease, and ministry brings more sin. No matter what your profession, these seven principles will help you succeed:

1. Regardless of your profession, if you increase the life of others, you will become rich.

One of the examples Wattles uses is of doctors. The doctor who sets out to cure disease will certainly become rich. Doctors seldom cure the illness, just as often they tend to make it worse. By following the principles of the Science of Getting Rich, doctors cure their patients. This will make them attractive to those who truly want healing.

2. Nowhere else is the Science of Getting Rich needed more than in medicine.

The way medicine is practiced now, it tends to bring even more disease. Drugs don’t really cure anything. More often than not, they tend to mask the symptoms, or simply give the person taking them a little relief.

Doctors need to stop “practicing” and start curing. The focus needs to change from one of disease to one of healing and health. What you focus on brings more of the same.

3. Everyone who follows these instructions to the letter will get rich.

The key here is in focus. If you focus on disease, you invite in more disease. The focus instead should be health and healing.

4. Do your work every day and do it in a successful manner.

Again, it’s about focus. If you’re not focused on taking those steps that will help you become a success, and you’re not doing those things that will help you become a success, you won’t succeed.

If you are in business for yourself, ask yourself every day: “Is the task I am about to do going to contribute to the overall success of my business?” If the answer is no, then you’re wasting your time.

5. Fill your present place with the view of advancing yourself.

Growth is necessary to having what you want in life and becoming what you want to become. If you are currently employed, then it is imperative that you outgrow your job. You must become more than your current job and develop the skills necessary to become what you want to be.

6. The Universe cannot help helping you when you act in the Certain Way.

The universe is made up of certain rules. These rules operate whether we believe in them or not. They work the same way every time.

For example, the “Law of Cause and Effect” says that “for every action there is an equal and corresponding reaction.” This means that every time we take action in a specific way, the outcome will be a certain thing.

If you want to succeed, you need to know the rules. Apply those rules to get the results you want.

7. The first step toward greater opportunity is to be all you want to be when each opportunity presents itself.

We all get presented with new opportunities every day for growth and for achievement, to advance ourselves. It is imperative that you develop the right skills for what you want to do so that when these opportunities come along you may take advantage of them. Commit to growing and developing the skills you need to become what you want to become and do what you want to do. You will succeed.

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