How Do You Build A Success Mindset?

If you’re going to succeed you need to have the right mindset.  These are my top tips to get yourself into the right way of thinking to give yourself the best chance of being successful online.

If something fails, learn from it.  Mistakes and failure are part of the process of setting up an online business.  How many times do you think Tiger Woods practised his golf swing before he managed to add another 10 yards?  And how many times do you think he failed to get the extra 10 yards before he managed it?  If you can see beyond failure, you have a much greater chance of succeeding! 

Relax.  It’s very easy to become so stressed that you start to suffer.  Remember why you’re trying to make money online.  If it’s all becoming too much, force yourself to take time out.  Let your subconscious sort things out a while.  Walk the dog.  Get to know your other half again.  Spend an evening away from the computer.  You’ll be recharged and more focused when you get back online.  And those issues you had may be easy to overcome this time around.

Be gentle with yourself.  I am my own harshest critic.  A perfectionist if you like.  This makes it very difficult to get anything up and started as I want to get all the bells and whistles in right from the off.  If you do this it will just make the time to your first $1000 day/week etc a bit longer coming.  OR just get things going and go back and improve later. 

Take your time and be patient.  Running a business online is dependent on building a good relationship with your list.  Do not get frustrated or discouraged.  Keep plugging away, moving forward and you will eventually have a successful online business.

Be yourself.  It takes much more effort to be something you’re not.  And if you are likeable and knowledgeable, your audience will find you.  After all there are people you like and also whom you don’t “relate to”.  The same will be true when people find you.

Talk to the newbie audience.  The internet is growing at a massive rate.  Newbies are coming online every day.  And there is always someone less knowledgeable than you!  Unless you have kept a detailed journal of your online activities, you are probably unaware of just how far you have come in your online business.  And even if you don’t realise it, there is definitely something YOU can say to add value to someone’s online experience.  And that will make YOU the guru to the newbie!

Remember: People do give up just on the verge of success.  You don’t know just how close you are to success so don’t give up.