3 Steps To A Positive Mental Attitude

Stress relief comes in many forms.  One of the most useful in my opinion, and perhaps hardest to achieve at least initially, is developing a positive mental attitude.  After all, in today’s hectic and high stress environment, it is often easier to lapse into negative thoughts than to remain positive and happy, even when you know it is just not helpful.

I doubt this is new to anyone who has been online for any length of time.  After all, developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude is the underlying principle for “The Secret”, the Secret behind the Secret, the Laws of Attraction and the Forgotten Laws.  It is necessary in order to attract positive things into your life and to enable you to live the life you want. 

However, negative thinking is addictive.  It makes you feel better when you are at your lowest ebb.  It gives you an excuse for not being the person you want to be, and not having the life you want.  You can convince yourself that your work colleague, relative etc has it easier than you; that it is not your fault.  This creates a self fulfilling negative spiral.  It is essential that you overcome all of your negative inner speak as soon as possible.

However, if you are anything like me, this is not always easy. Nonetheless, the more you practise, the more emotionally robust you become and the less likely you are to start a negative internal chat.  Here are a few tips I find helpful:

Charlie Plant Mental Seeds
If you wanted tomatoes, you would plant seeds, water and nurture them and be patient.  The same is true with developing a positive mental attitude.  You need to plant good thoughts in your mind. Take time EVERY DAY to appreciate and be grateful for things already in your life.  This may be a return to health, your children, wonderful pets, good friends, a good bottle of wine, THOSE shoes, being able to buy your dream car, having an amazing foreign holiday, the chance to follow a dream etc.  It could be absolutely anything in fact – as long as it makes YOU feel good.

Rediscover Joy
Get your mind used to thinking about positive things.  Take time to enjoy the wonders of the world; the smell of wild flowers, birdsong, a sunset, dew on a spider’s web, your dog coming when called etc .  If you can, spend time with a young child and you will soon rediscover their infectious wonderment at the smallest thing. Get used to being joyful and you will start attracting more joy into your life.

Say Thank You
Saying “thank you” puts a positive thought into your head. It spreads goodwill and makes people feel better.  (The reverse is also true – remember how you felt when someone forgot to thank you for stopping and letting them in at that junction?) As it is believed that you an only have one thought at a time, filling your head with positive thoughts will block any negative ones.

So there are my three simple ways to help you turn your attitude around.  Train yourself every day and you will find a positive attitude easier and easier to maintain.  And that will improve your outlook, lower your stress, keep you motivated and change your life for the better.

Why not leave a comment below and let me know what you do? 

The Mind Altering Power Of A Word

Unfortunately I had T4-T8 spinal neurosurgery in 1998 which pretty much changed my life, and then I went on to have twins.  But back in the day, we went skiing at least once a year.  And before “global warming” ensured the Alps were swamped with heavy dumps of snow every year (J), our preferred destination was the snow guaranteed resort of Whistler in Canada.

Canadians for me, (and I mean absolutely no disrespect here so do not flame me) are a sort of halfway house between the British and Americans, having a lot of the great mindset qualities of both but without any of the annoying habits of either.  If I ever come back again, I wouldn’t mind being Canadian.

Anyway, on this particular visit to Whistler, I decided to take group skiing lessons in a “women only” group.  Normally this sort of thing wouldn’t appeal but as I’d had a bellyful of male ski instructors who tried to explain more with “stick” than “carrot”, and just didn’t “get” that I needed encouragement not shaming when I stood petrified at the top of a precipitous run, I gave it a go. 

The difference was amazing.  In a supportive and encouraging group, I came on in leaps and bounds.  But there was one ski instructor who particularly affected me.  It was her style of encouragement that made the difference to me.  And it was just one word.


She never said “good”, or “OK” or, worse, no comment at all.  Whenever we did anything new, even if we got just one part right (mogul fields, “bumps”, were a particular example as we all got stuck at various places), she always found what we did right and said, “that (bit) was perfect!”.

I’ve never worked so hard to improve my skiing in my life.  And I wasn’t the only one.

From that moment I decided to incorporate “perfect” into my daily speech.  It was awkward at first but gradually it became easier and I actually started to hear others were also saying it back to me!  “Perfect” makes a difference in the way people behave, act, and treat you and it generally makes life seem a little bit better. 

The positive shift in my mental attitude brought about by this one little word was significant over time.  It stood me in good stead during the long months of recovery from my neurosurgery.

“OK” is such a nothing term.  Why settle for “ok” when it can be “perfect”?