Stress Balls and the Orient Express

Have you ever discovered something you thought was “brand new” to you, which on closer inspection actually turned out to be one of your all-time favourite items?  That’s exactly what happened to me recently!

Let me explain.

Last year we managed to get away for a few days (and three glorious nights) without the little ones for the first time since they were born.  We went to Venice on the Orient Express (and yes, be jealous, be very jealous!).  It was fantastic – exactly like in the film with all the carvings, amazing restaurant buffet car, and everyone dressed up- just no-one got murdered! 

Anyway, we relaxed, went wine tasting, listened to live music, took boat trips around the Venetian lagoon and had a great time.  When we came home I discovered our two had also had a great time!  

They had been to a local farmers fair, watched horse races, and come away with rosettes and squishy toy “heads”, which were flour paste filled rubber balloon type things with woollen hair.

I didn’t know then but they were stress balls. 

Stress balls are squishy balls which are squeezed to relieve pent up stress and tension.  They are also known as stress relievers, stress toys or stress relief balls.  Although the original ones were made from polyurethane foam rubber, there are lots of different ones around these days. 

Some of the newer types of stress balls are made from gel, or a flour-like creation contained within a rubber balloon-like skin.  And this is what the boys had persuaded their baby-sitters to buy for them from the fair! 

The stress balls that the boys had chosen were like potato head people with tufts of woollen hair.  They had eyes but no mouth or nose.  Both boys delighted in showing me how you had to deform the “person” to form a mouth and nose for them.

These little “people” were very tactile and when I could get them away from the boys, I enjoyed squeezing them and rolling them in my hands.  I didn’t know then that they were stress balls even though they definitely helped me reduce stress!  (I’m can be really slow at times!)

Unhappily the little stress ball people met an untimely end when the boys gave them to the dogs to play with…  But I’m seriously thinking about buying some more.  They were great!

In fact I’m so impressed with them that I’ve put up a site dedicated to stress balls if you are interested in more details.  And whilst I’m about it, have you downloaded your free stress ebook yet?  If not, just click on that link or find more details at the top of this page.  It comes with a free stress e-course with even more of my tips, and ramblings! And it is easy to unsubscribe anytime you want!

So if you ever get chance to go on the Orient Express overnight sleeper to Venice – don’t stress, go!  Just remember not to give your stress balls to your dogs!

Pink Bobbly Stress Ball