Beat Stress Before It Beats You

Are you a strong believer in the saying, “When it rains, it pours?”  Or do you feel like your whole life revolves around Murphy’s Law – where anything that can go wrong will go wrong?  Some people feel as if they’re always getting beaten up by stress – and they begin to suffer both mental and physical ailments because of it.

It’s important that you learn how to beat stress early on or the effects could be disastrous.  Scientists have even linked excessive stress to a shorter lifespan, so it’s not something to brush off as just a simple part of life.

You can beat stress by discovering what triggers those feelings and working on a solution for the problems.  Sometimes you feel stuck in a rut.  Your job may be causing stress, for example, but in this economy, who wants to just quit and risk not being able to find gainful employment again?

In a case like this, you have to beat stress by learning how to handle it when it crops up in your life.  First, start with the obvious solutions – is there a way to fix whatever it is that’s broken?  If you can’t change the situation, then think of ways to alleviate stress that it causes.

Sometimes all you need is to find a quiet space and doing some deep breathing exercises.  Make this a habit and it can help a lot because the cleansing effects help you calm down and relax immediately.  But if you need more in order to beat stress, you should establish an anti-stress routine that incorporates a healthy lifestyle for both your body and your mind.

Whatever course of action you take, make a commitment to it.  After all, if you don’t take your stress levels seriously, who will?