Avoid Stress When Building An Online Buisiness

Building an online business can be fraught with many pitfalls which can put you under a great deal of stress. You have to learn something, apply it, realize you didn’t get it quite right, learn some more, refine what you’re doing and so on.

You get frustrated, confused and can feel overwhelmed. And if the going gets tough and you are not a technical person, then there can be a strong temptation to stray onto the next shiny object.

Stickability, or the ability to stick at one thing until it finishes one way or another can be a serious problem and cause you serious stress when building an online presence.

And perfectionism is another. But the most serious cause of online stress is all done to time management. This is as true if you are working from home to build a business after a full time day job, or trying to juggle home and family life with an extra income.

Interruptions are killers. It doesn’t matter whether these are external (phone call) or self made (comfort break, getting a coffee, checking email, reading a blog), they have the same effect on your work.

Time management professionals have shown that every time your work gets interrupted for whatever reason, it takes about 6 minutes to get back into what you were doing before when you settle back to it. So if you have a cup of coffee every hour, you waste the time it takes to make and drink the coffee and a further 6 mins after you sit back down again. This soon adds up. However, there are things you can do to help yourself.

Try ‘chunking’ your time.

What this means is you decide what to work on (write chapter 3 of your ebook) and a specific length of time to work on it, say, 90 minutes. And then you do it, and ONLY THAT for the whole of the 90 minutes. Do
not have a break for any reason until the 90 mins is up.

I ‘chunk’ my time, whenever I remember 🙂 to improve my productivity and it doeswork. However, as a former queen of the ‘essay crisis’, my preferred way of working is actually to stay put until the job is done. Sadly, my lifestyle and family commitments now mean that is just not possible anymore.

So chunking is my new best friend!

Make it yours too and you’ll find building an online business much less stressful! OK I’m going to write an article before I pick the kids up.

How do you organize your day?