Coping with Stress – Top Tips

Stress, no matter where it comes from, is an ever-present reality.  There is no getting away from most of it, so just how can you learn to cope with stress?  Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

First, determine if this stress is something you can let go of.  Are you doing more than you need to?  Can you delegate part or all of the tasks on your to-do list to someone else?  Often we think that we’re the only one that can do a certain thing “properly” when in reality other people may be able to make as good as, or better job of it.  And once we let go, everyone is happier.  (Women are especially prone to unnecessarily stressing this way!)

Another thing you can do is learn to say “good enough is good enough.”  This is very hard to do especially if, like me, you are a self diagnosed perfectionist.  Perfectionism is a self-imposed super stressor.  Always do your best.  But realize you are very likely your own worst critic.  Lighten up.  After all, in a hundred years from now, who’ll care?

Now if the stress is related to relationships, a quick fix is to adjust your perspective – reframe your stress – stop seeing it as a problem. 

Let me explain.

It’s very easy to get bogged down in tiny irritations, especially if those irritations are those “special habits” that initially attracted us to our partner!  And as time goes on, we also stop bothering to communicate clearly with our partner.  Why not decide to have a gentle word when the problem crops up, instead of letting those irritations gather steam until you explode?

Another thing you can do to deal with stress is to know when to walk away and take a mini vacation.  The whole world will not fall apart if you just take the time to relax.  Honestly, it won’t!  Go for a walk.  Call a good friend – just get it off your chest and then decide to release it for good. 

Delegate work when you can.  And then take time to find something relaxing to do on your down time.  All of this will go a long way toward coping with stress in your life.