Maxed Out Stress Update

Stress relief comes in many forms – and one of my favourite of all is finding a solution to what ails WordPress when it decides to do whacky stuff with my blog!  I just wanted to share what I’ve discovered in case it helps anyone else reduce their computer stress. 

A few posts ago I blogged that I’d updated my WordPress to the then latest version (already outdated I note!) but that for some reason one of my posts had become “sticky” at the top of the blog.  Well…

… for some reason (and who knows why?) my blog settings have changed so that only the posts entered in the “Blog” category appear on the front page!  If posts are listed anywhere else and NOT in “blog”, they are added to the blog content but are NOT listed on the front page.  (Helpful of my blog to do that!)  

Now all I need to do is figure out what settings I need to change to switch it back!  Until then, I guess everything will just be filed under “Blog” as well as the proper category!

Sorry for not posting “live” much recently BTW – 7 weeks summer holidays between pre-school and my little men starting school proper in two weeks (SO grown up!) means that I have had the world’s MOST creatively mischievious and hyper-active twins.  I’m absolutely worn out! – buying bikes tomorrow for them so that hopefully should keep them out of trouble…!  Will let you know!

How Can You Make A Stress Management Program Work?

Everyone I have ever met has complained at some point, that they are feeling stressed out.  In fact, stress is the great equalise.  It cuts across race, religion, social class, age, gender, sexuality, occupation etc.  The great and the good as well as newborn babies, teen, the elderly etc all get stressed. 

The only differences between all these people (newborn excepted!) is really what they do about it. 

This is not rocket science.  Nonetheless so many people think that just because the answer to stress is relaxation, it takes no effort.  It does.  Stress management programs only work if you work at them. 

So here are some top tips to ensure you give yourself the best chance of succeeding at a stress management program. 

Buy into the program

Literally.  It has been shown time and again that everyone likes free stuff but no-one values it.  If you are going to make an effort to follow a stress management program, you have to buy into it, literally.  Find that will cost you what you consider to be an attention grabbing amount.  That way you will be far more likely to follow it.

Tell you friends and family what you are doing

This is the “naming and shaming” idea!  Without help, support, and a “loss of face” downside, most programs fail.  That is why Weight Watchers and Slimming World are so successful.  And crucially – public weighing spurs participants to succeed because they do not want to be seen to fail.  The same is true of stress management programs.  If you do not want to explain why it failed, (and why you could not be bothered to make it work), you will make it work.

Do a stress management course when you are not stress maxed out!

This sounds tough!  But as no-one is at their best when they are stressed, it does not make sense to take new stuff on at this time.  You are too busy lurching from crisis to crisis, simply fire-fighting.  So, try to anticipate when you will next have a high stress time, and schedule your stress management course in the period just before it.  That way you will be able to put your new skills and tools to work right when you need them most!

For more information about stress reduction techniques, download the free ebook from this site!  (Prove me wrong about people not valuing free stuff!)  And if I’ve left your favourite tip off this list, please comment below!