How Can You Start Reducing Stress Right Now?

Big businesses recognize the importance of stress relief for their workers and customers. In fact stress relief techniques and stress management programs are in increasingly high demand. But what can you do to cope with your stress right now? Here are a five quick stress busting tips you can use today to lower your stress:

Learn to Delegate

Delegation is an important part of managing workplace stress. If you insist on keeping all of your projects to yourself, then you will always be overloaded and stressed out. If there is no-one sufficiently qualified to do the projects, why not train up a junior?

Kill Perfectionism

If you always aim for “perfect”, you will never finish anything. Perfectionism leads to procrastination and your stress levels will soar as deadlines loom and everything is still on your to-do list. Aim for “good enough” in everything and your stress levels will reduce.

Don’t Make mountains Out of Molehills

If your colleagues constantly chattering at the nearby coffee machine disturbs you, or someone keeps coughing whenever you are on the phone your stress levels will rise quickly.  Work place stress becomes overwhelming very quickly if you get irritated about minor things. To reduce your stress levels simply have a quiet word with the appropriate person at the time the problem crops up. Do not let these irritations gather steam until you explode.

Keep a Stress Ball on your Desk

Stress balls are very affordable and effective stress relievers. Whenever you feel the pressure mounting simply reach for your squashy stress ball and start to squeeze it or roll your Chinese stress balls around the reflex points of your hand. Keeping stress balls on your desk means they will always be within reach when you need them.

Take A Break

Make sure you take your full vacation allowance every year. If you cannot afford too long away from your work, try scheduling a number of mini vacations. The whole world will not fall apart if you take some time to relax. Do something new. Being in a different environment will always lower your stress levels.

Remember to find something relaxing to do on your down time too. All of this will go a long way toward managing the stress in your life.  If you haven’t already done so, why not click on this link to download my free ebook on stress management techniques.

Maxed Out Stress Update

Stress relief comes in many forms – and one of my favourite of all is finding a solution to what ails WordPress when it decides to do whacky stuff with my blog!  I just wanted to share what I’ve discovered in case it helps anyone else reduce their computer stress. 

A few posts ago I blogged that I’d updated my WordPress to the then latest version (already outdated I note!) but that for some reason one of my posts had become “sticky” at the top of the blog.  Well…

… for some reason (and who knows why?) my blog settings have changed so that only the posts entered in the “Blog” category appear on the front page!  If posts are listed anywhere else and NOT in “blog”, they are added to the blog content but are NOT listed on the front page.  (Helpful of my blog to do that!)  

Now all I need to do is figure out what settings I need to change to switch it back!  Until then, I guess everything will just be filed under “Blog” as well as the proper category!

Sorry for not posting “live” much recently BTW – 7 weeks summer holidays between pre-school and my little men starting school proper in two weeks (SO grown up!) means that I have had the world’s MOST creatively mischievious and hyper-active twins.  I’m absolutely worn out! – buying bikes tomorrow for them so that hopefully should keep them out of trouble…!  Will let you know!