The Best Stress Relief Techniques Are Natural

Keep Stress Relief Natural

Stress relief or high stress is a question of perception.  Whilst there is a lot of evidence to suggest that the way in which you deal with stress is a question of genetics, and of social conditioning (if you see your parents react badly to stress as a young child, you are likely to adopt the same poor stress responses yourself as an adult), the extent to which you get stressed is also a matter of perception. 

This means that you can decide to see a situation as less stressful if you want.  Stress relief does not get any more natural than this, but it does take practice of course!

Let me give you a real example.

The kids have broken up from school so we took them to Legoland, a theme park dedicated to younger children not too far from us.  The boys were very good, although a complete nightmare at times, as kids are but it was raining and a couple of rides were closed.  So when the rollercoaster ride opened up, we went on.

As the local schools had not yet broken up, the queues were short and we got on within 15 minutes or so and the boys were very excited.  But at the end of the ride, the dragon rollercoaster pulled into the station; it stopped, rolled gently back down the incline and came to a halt.  It had developed a fault and we were to be stranded, mid air and ever so slightly tilted for 20 minutes.

We could have got stressed.  We could have got angry and shouted angrily at the Legoland staff, who had come out, tethered to the rail and hard hated like rock climbers, to keep us informed of what was going on.  Instead we dived into the rucksack for the chicken pieces, cold sausages, crisps, candy bars and water that we had brought along for the children and ourselves.  We feasted as we watched the rescue vehicles whizz to the attraction and several more Legoland staff change into their climbing gear.

I have to say that it helped that the rain held off.  I think it would have been difficult to stay stress free if the boys had been miserable with the cold and rain. But as we felt that the staff had everything under control and we would be out of the rollercoaster in a matter of minutes, we naturally chose not to stress.  We were right.   

We chose to see the situation as an opportunity to eat.  We decided not to get stressed. Everything worked out well.  What could have been stressful turned out to be an exciting adventure as the boys loved climbing down the rescue ladder!

Stress relief techniques are simple and natural as you make them.