Stress Relieving WP Plug-ins

Yesterday did not start well.  I knew as soon as I switched the computer on and headed over to Google Analytics, something was very wrong.  One of my sites, which normally attracts 50 or so visitors a day had crashed to zero over the weekend. 

Either the tracking script had stopped working or I had got the FTP settings wrong when I had uploaded some material via a new FTP system.  I knew it was the latter and one look at my site confirmed my fears.  My blog was gone.  It had been replaced with some gobbledegook coding and the text I had intended for somewhere totally different.

My heart sank.

I host with Hostgator .  And they always back up the complete system on a Sunday.  Thing is though, I had done the uploading on Friday.  I had been so busy over the weekend that I had not switched on the computer even once.  Although I had noticed immediately that the upload wasn’t where it should be, I had not discovered where it had gone instead. 

So the error remained on the server and Hostgator had backed up everything with all the “new” site details – meaning all my old blog had been overwritten in the back-up.

Six months ago the stress of this sort of thing would have sent me into a blind panic. This time I just felt very weary in one of those “not more hassle” ways… and I went to walk the dogs.  But not before emailing my own back-up file to a tech savvy friend with a suitably grovelling help request!

When I returned (and with two dogs too!), my blog was back up and looking normal!  Apparently it had just been a case of restoring the wp-config file and deleting the uploaded pages. Wonderful. I just love the way we are all so different. It would’ve taken me hours to figure all that out because I don’t even know what a wp-config file is.

But it doesn’t matter.

Don’t get stressed about the techie stuff online.  There ARE people who can help. And you will find them if you need them.  Just make sure you do your own backups and do NOT rely solely on those done by your web host.  Honestly, the stress it saves you is huge.

If you have a wordpress blog, you really have no excuse.  Export your backup file each time you post if you wish, or use a back-up plug-in to schedule it automatically. Good ones to use are WP-DBManager  and WordPress Database Backup

There are just too many ways to get stressed when working online – why make it harder than it need be?