How to Deal With Emotional Stress

These kinds of emotional stress issues can add up fast. Like a snowball, you pack on the stresses of your daily life and the next thing you know, you just can’t cope!

Emotional stress is all around us.  As long as we interact with other people on a daily basis, we will find ourselves suffering emotional stress as we react to human made situations. 

Stress comes in many different forms, all of which can lead to anxiety and even depression.  No matter how hard you try, you sometimes can’t get away from it.  And in the case of eustress, you don’t even need to! 

Say for instance you’re experiencing the emotional stress of your daughter’s marriage or your son getting his diploma.  This is eustress, a positive stress.  Nonetheless, it still takes a toll on your mind and body because you want everything to go smoothly.

But what if your phone bill is overdue or you just got word that you may get laid off or made redundant from your job?  These kinds of emotional stress issues can add up fast.  Like a snowball, you pack on the stresses of your daily life and the next thing you know, you just can’t cope!

How can you possibly deal with all of this and avoid the explosive burn out?  Well, half the battle is recognizing stress for what it is, eliminating the things that cause it as far as we can, while dealing with the things we can’t get rid of. 

Some kinds of stress force you to learn to accept – like the fact that a loved one just died and there’s nothing you can do but grieve and go on with your own life. 

Once you define what triggers your stress, you can learn to not make mountains out of molehills and take each day – each challenge – as it comes.  This will go a long way toward lightening your burden of emotional stress.

You Are Your Own USP

I’ve been taking a lot of time recently (family and other commitments willing) to revisit what I am planning to achieve online.  And I found myself getting excited when I visualised the size of my online “empire”, what it will include etc.  

Then I tried to figure out what my USP should be – my unique selling point – or rather “Why would anyone buy anything from me?”

It’s a good question.  After all with so many people selling products and services that are so similar to each other how do you differentiate yourself?

Frank Kern said

Desire + Trust = Sales

(Thanks Frank!) – So in this formula, the main point of my USP is TRUST.  That is, people will buy from me as opposed to buying from someone else because they TRUST ME.

It’s been said so many times but it’s worth saying again, self promotion is crucial to your long term success online.  People buy from PEOPLE they TRUST – and online being able to put a face to a name is even more important than offline.

If you don’t let people know who you are and what makes you unique you’re missing half the battle. The true value in your business is you and what you have to offer.  

I think that anyone can sell to any niche provided they are meeting a need, have a good offer and are authentic in personality

People buy FROM YOU because they buy INTO YOU.  If you get this right, “Why should people buy from me?” will never be an issue. 

Buyers are attracted to big personalities, as well as products.  And if they like you, they’ll be more likely to trust you, and more likely to buy from you.