Can Stress Motivate You to Succeed?

Typically, we see stress as a bad thing.  Stress equals disharmony and sadness.  It wreaks havoc on our personal and professional lives and it can even affect our physical health if it gets bad enough.

But stress hormones aren’t always a bad thing.  Each individual is charged with a “flight or fight” stress reaction.  Adrenaline starts rushing through your veins and you either run from your stressor or stand up and tackle it head-on.

Back in caveman times, men generally turned their stress into fight mode, while women used it in flight.  That’s no longer the case in modern times, when our highly stressed culture allows us little time to relax.  But men and women can benefit from using the stress they encounter to their advantage rather than view it as an obstacle.

Let’s look at an example.  Your job is stressful.  You’re feeling overwhelmed with your workplace environment.  You don’t like some of your colleagues and you dislike the job position you’re in now.  It’s made even worse in this economic climate when no-one wants to risk being laid off.  You feel trapped.

Instead of taking that stress home every day and allowing it to interfere with your happiness, use it to become more positive and take control.  Turn it into positive stress, eustress.  Let your stress carry you into fight mode so that you work harder to climb up the ladder of the workplace.

Channel the stress you are burdened with positively, to further your career and help you get the life you want and deserve.