How Can A Hairdryer Reduce Financial Stress?

My life constantly conspires to stress me.  It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, or how much stress I’ve recently got on top of, something always turns up to fling me back into the path of stressed out.  But I am pleased to report that the latest episode of totally unexpected stress has finally ended!

These days it is not uncommon for people to keep valuables in their homes.  Things like jewellery and sentimental papers, credit cards, birth certificates, financial documents and the like.  And of course, passports.  And home safes are becoming increasingly popular as a result. 

Like a lot of people I imagine, we have a touchpad safe and when the batteries died we were prepared.  All we had to do was use the back-up key.  And we knew exactly where it was. Right?

Wrong.  The key wasn’t there even though we BOTH thought it should be.  We don’t lose things which means someone has moved it and with four year old twins the likely culprits are obvious! 

No problem I thought, I’ll phone the manufacturer for a replacement key.  After all, it wasn’t URGENT that we could access the safe, although my other half will soon need his passport…

Wrong again! Having tracked down the manufacturer by a circuitous route via one of their online customers, I discovered that not only is our make and model FIVE years discontinued but there are no longer any spare keys!  My stress levels reached fever pitch.

Faced with the inevitability of an astronomical fee from a locksmith for drilling into the safe (obviously anyone needing to break into their own safe is desperate and therefore willing to pay through the nose), the damage caused to the surroundings (the safe is bolted securely down) and the cost of replacing it with another working safe, I thought laterally.

Twenty minutes later my hairdryer breathed enough life through the safe door and battery panel into the batteries for them to recognise a key code and open the safe door, thus saving us, conservatively around £300.  Fantastic!  And we have access to the passports again!

An alternative title for this post was “WAHM uses hairdryer to crack safe” but I thought it gave the game away too soon.  What do you think?

Say No And Focus For Online Success

I got sent an email today about how a three-year-old earned a gazillion dollars online in 22 minutes.  Well I may have exaggerated the details a little but you get the idea? 

To be honest, I’ve been online now for about two years.  I haven’t earned enough to cover the costs of being online most months and I felt a teeny bit “well it’s easy for them”.

But So What?

I know what’s been stopping me from earning more.  In the beginning it was because I didn’t know where I wanted to go.  Then I didn’t know how to get there (still working on that one).  But recently, what’s been holding me back has been lack of focus.

Yesterday I monitored the emails sent to me.  It was pure madness.  Two major gurus have launched products recently (“Last 12 left”, “Don’t Miss Your Spot” “Once These Are Gone We Don’t Know If They’ll Be Coming Back”) and another is cranking up his launch countdown.

Email after email claiming life changing wealth and success from the same guys that claimed the same thing about another product a week ago. 

Now I’m not rubbishing their business models, because I understand this is how the gurus make money – by hiking demand desire to fever pitch and then supplying it.  But from a consumer’s point of view, this is close to insanity!

So today I want to give you some advice. 

  • Realize there will always be good products and services being offered that could help you be more successful online;
  • For every offer you see ask yourself
    • Is this in line with my business goals
    • ancillary to my business goals or
    • is in the complete opposite direction?
  • NEVER buy if you think “this is the one”

We’ve all made mistakes.  I even bought a well known much hyped product that was totally based on PPC ad campaigns.  nothing wrong with that except I decided right at the beginning of my online life that I was NEVER going to do PPC.  So why did I buy into this product?  Why indeed!  It was just another distraction. 

You don’t have to do everything.  Just do what you do PROPERLY.

Make some time to revisit your goals today.  And when these offers next hit your inbox, just say NO to everything that is not actually in-line with your business.  Spend your money ONLY on things that will help YOU move YOUR business forward.

You’ll notice a difference in your outgoings!  And with fewer costs, you stand a chance of making a profit sooner.

I guess that teenager in the email headline was just super-focused on achieving success in one area.  I was at that age.  And that’s possible when you don’t have responsibilities and have someone else to do the shopping, cook, clean and generally take care of you.  If you crash out and fail, your parents will still pay for everything. 

There’s NO point being envious of someone who is NOT in your shoes.  Just play the game with the cards you’ve got now.  I wouldn’t be without my kids, nor my dogs. OK, nor my DH. So I guess I’ll just have to ignore the constant barrage of offers in this crazy internet marketing world, and focus like that teenager every chance I personally get. 

Do the same.  You’ll get there in the end.