What Makes People Successful?

A successful mindset is an essential part of being successful.  All the self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneurs say so.  So who am I to disagree?

They can think themselves into a success mindest by seeing setbacks and failures as learning experiences, knowing when to quit because something’s just not working, and knowing when NOT to quit… 

You can have all the knowledge and information in the world, but if you don’t have the success mindset, all that will mean absolutely nothing and you will not accomplish much.

To be successful, the first thing anyone needs to do is get the right mindset.  And that applies as much online as offline! 

So what makes a success mindset?

Well there are different schools of thought on this.  

Some say success comes from single-minded focus.  And indeed a lot of research has shown that you are more likely to achieve success if you focus on one project at a time.  The more projects you have on the go at any one time, the wider your attention is spread and the less likely you are to achieve any individual one. 

Others say a success mindset comes from visualisation; or rather you need to know what your ultimate goal is.  This is employed by the most successful sportsmen and women.  David Beckham and Tiger Woods are known to “see” exactly where the ball will go before they ever strike it. 

And it’s the same in business.  After all, if you don’t know where you’re heading, how can you get there?  You won’t know what you need to do, what products you need to buy (and which you don’t!) or what else you need to do to complete your business blueprint!

Whilst I agree with these two factors, I think they’re only part of the story.  I think the key to getting a success mindset is bigger than these, encompasses both, and without which you can have all the focus and visualisation in the world and you won’t get it right. 

The real key to success is Passion.

When you love what you’re doing, you’ll never give up. You’ll keep focused, you’ll push yourself hard, work through the low times, and you’ll feel motivated. And when your passion coincides with your goals you can’t help but have a success mindset!  

work at something you love and you’ll never work another day  in your life

Find out what you’re passionate about.  Consider:-

·     What do I enjoy doing? – hobbies, sports, cooking, etc,

·     What would I do even if I didn’t get paid? – running local youth club etc

·     What gets you excited?

·     What do you love to do in your spare-time?

·     What am I good at? 

·     And what do other people think I’m good at?

·     What problems to people come to me to solve?

·     What issue would I LOVE to resolve?

·     What do I daydream about? 

Finding your passion is possibly the hardest part of becoming an entrepreneur.  And it will be the basis of your “perfect” niche. 

Find your passion, and make it your goal and you will be successful.  Of course, if it also happens to be in a profitable niche market, it will help to make you rich too!