Why Are You Still Making Excuses?

Is there something you really want to do?  Anything at all?  It can be something big, like moving to another part of the country.  Or something smaller, like taking an hour of time several times a week to go to the gym.  What’s stopping you?

If there’s something you’ve wanted to do for a while, AND been saying you want to do, why aren’t you doing it?

Do you find that every time you say “I’d like to do…”, you IMMEDIATELY follow it with a whole host of well rehearsed excuses?  Are you creating a pattern of low achievement for yourself?

Did you just think “Yes, but MY excuses are valid REASONS”? 


If there’s something you say you want to do, but continually have a reason why you don’t do it; there are only two possible reasons why:

1.    You really DON’T want to do what you say you do – you just SAY you want to do it out of habit or (worse) because you think you “should” want to do it.

2.    You really DO want to do what you say you do – but, it is risky, forces you to step outside your comfort zone, and/or you are worried it might upset someone you care about.

If your true answer is #1, then stop saying that it is something you want to do.  Let it go.  Feel the freedom.

If your true answer is #2, admit you are using an excuse that allows you to hang onto your desire and provide a logical reason why you can’t do it – keeping you “safe”.

What do your excuses sound like?  Do any of these sound familiar?

·         I’m too dumb/too smart;

·         No one will like/love me

·         I’m not good enough

·         It’s too far from home

·         I don’t have enough money for that

·         No time

·         No one can have it all

We use excuses because they serve us well.  After all, it is easier to go with the flow, maintain the status quo, and turn down the volume on the things we truly desire, especially when they might set us apart from the majority of people we come into contact with. 

Or rather, it seems easier. 

But at what cost?  Lack of fulfilment?  No spark in our lives?  Depression?  Disease?

If you’re not fulfilling your life dream, it’s time to change.

Make a list of all the “bad” things you fear might happen if you were to take the risk to get what you want. – Be completely honest (for example: if I move across the country, my family will no longer love me or come to see me)

Rate each of these “bad” things (1-5) in terms of how likely it really is to happen – 1= not likely and 5 = absolutely certain. 

Unless you’re very unusual, you’ll find that it is pretty unlikely that something horrible is going to happen if you actually do what you want to do.  And, even if it did, you’d find a way to handle it, trust me.  So, stop making excuses. 

Make a list of things you really want to do.  Create a plan to make it happen.  Do it today, not “someday” but today.

Don’t sell yourself short.  Do it now.