Surviving School Holidays Stress

Beat School Holiday StressSchool holidays are one of the most stressful times of year for me, and I suspect just about every parent out there!  My two have now been off since mid July and are still not due back for another two weeks 🙁  They are very energetic 6-year olds who would play ball games and run around outside all day, but we’ve had such a changeable wet summer that playing outside is not always an option.

They’re at the age when they want to play together, but can’t do it for very long without arguing.  And the arguments are endless!  We are all going stir crazy and getting to the computer for any extended length of time is proving challenging – especially as the light nights mean that they won’t get to sleep until around 9pm, by which time I’m usually so exhausted all I want to do is chill…

This summer, our survival strategy has been to keep them active so that they get tired and go to sleep at night.  It doesn’t always work mind… 🙂  Nothing seems to exhaust them!  So far we’ve introduced the boys to golf, tennis, badminton, snooker, bar billiards and table tennis – all of which they’ve adored.  Add to this mix the usual swimming, cycling, “lads ‘n’ dads” Saturday morning soccer, trampolining, playdates and vacation and it’s easy to see why we feel run ragged!  Life shouldn’t be this tiring when you’re in your 40s!

Anyway the good news is that my (bunion) foot operation went well and I’m finally off the crutches and into trainers.  This means I’m much more mobile and can drive again.  And the work on the extension is still ongoing, albeit reduced to a variable snail’s pace depending on  available funds!

But there’s only two weeks to go so the end is in sight!  And then we start the onslaught of after school clubs and homework.  They get so tired during term time, but at least we can guarantee a bedtime!  Funny how busy everyone is these days.  I certainly don’t remember being that busy when I was just 6!  Still I’ll probably just about get straight when they break for half term!

Just time to “chunk” out an article before I have to pick them up from today’s tennis camp!  How do you cope with school holidays?

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  1. Wow – sounds like you have an energetic crew. It is great that they sound very healthy and happy. Energy is good! Of course I do not have any kids so that is easy for me to say – haha. Enjoy them while they are young.


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