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Yesterday did not start well.  I knew as soon as I switched the computer on and headed over to Google Analytics, something was very wrong.  One of my sites, which normally attracts 50 or so visitors a day had crashed to zero over the weekend. 

Either the tracking script had stopped working or I had got the FTP settings wrong when I had uploaded some material via a new FTP system.  I knew it was the latter and one look at my site confirmed my fears.  My blog was gone.  It had been replaced with some gobbledegook coding and the text I had intended for somewhere totally different.

My heart sank.

I host with Hostgator .  And they always back up the complete system on a Sunday.  Thing is though, I had done the uploading on Friday.  I had been so busy over the weekend that I had not switched on the computer even once.  Although I had noticed immediately that the upload wasn’t where it should be, I had not discovered where it had gone instead. 

So the error remained on the server and Hostgator had backed up everything with all the “new” site details – meaning all my old blog had been overwritten in the back-up.

Six months ago the stress of this sort of thing would have sent me into a blind panic. This time I just felt very weary in one of those “not more hassle” ways… and I went to walk the dogs.  But not before emailing my own back-up file to a tech savvy friend with a suitably grovelling help request!

When I returned (and with two dogs too!), my blog was back up and looking normal!  Apparently it had just been a case of restoring the wp-config file and deleting the uploaded pages. Wonderful. I just love the way we are all so different. It would’ve taken me hours to figure all that out because I don’t even know what a wp-config file is.

But it doesn’t matter.

Don’t get stressed about the techie stuff online.  There ARE people who can help. And you will find them if you need them.  Just make sure you do your own backups and do NOT rely solely on those done by your web host.  Honestly, the stress it saves you is huge.

If you have a wordpress blog, you really have no excuse.  Export your backup file each time you post if you wish, or use a back-up plug-in to schedule it automatically. Good ones to use are WP-DBManager  and WordPress Database Backup

There are just too many ways to get stressed when working online – why make it harder than it need be?

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15 thoughts on “Stress Relieving WP Plug-ins”

  1. Wow, Susan, what a nightmare! I have just got a trojan virus on my laptop and that had a number of texts on it I have written that I may now lose if the techie chap can’t get rid of it. I do, however, back up to an external hard drive regularly so it’s only the most recent work I have lost. Glad there was a good outcome for you.

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. Susan

    I have a resolution (sometimes kept) to call in on a fellow Masterclass site each day. You sure have some site. How long has it taken you to get to this level?

    I’m up to week 12 of the course and like to think I’m getting somewhere, but it sure has been a long slow journey to nowhere (previous to Masterclass) with many long hours resulting in sites (even with page 1 listing) that don’t earn me one cent (well, just a few cents).

    I know all those that have money say it’s not important, but it sure is when you don’t have any.

    But that’s another story.

    And how do you get to the level of Platinum Ezine articles author. Do you resolve to write an article a day/week (whatever) and stick to it religiously?

    I’ve just added a wp plugin ( which you might find interesting. Not sure how well it works at this stage.

    Best wishes

    Paul Smith

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Paul –

      Platinum EZA author is simply submitting 10 quality articles to EZA – quite quick to do when you’ve got a subject you want to talk about, and then apply for platinum status. Yes I submit articles regularly on different topics and just qualified HAHD – and I tried the EZA plug-in but v1 did not actually submit the articles and v2 seems to stop posts being scheduled unless I also want them to be posted to EZA – so I cannot recommend it yet.


  3. Hello Susan,
    Reading this made me go do a back up right now! What a nightmare 🙁
    Glad you got it fixed! I would have been freaking out! Like I did when my domain name expired and my page wasn’t there. major freak out!
    Gonna have to go see your articles on ezine. I am really glad I stopped by!


  4. Thanks for this article. I was just looking for a database backup script a few days ago and was not sure which one to pick. Your write-up has helped me to decide, although the one I uploaded (WP-DBManager) is being cranky at the moment. I will check with the author home page to see if he has an FAQ.


  5. Excellent post Susan, and very useful.

    I will have a look at the plug-ins you recommend. I must admit I have been relying on my hosting company for the blog back-up, but if the plug-ins are easy, I will use them. 😉

    I back up my whole computer, including the operating system, to an external drive using Acronis software. That puts my mind at rest. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.


  6. Hey Susan.
    I came across you blog on the PlanetSMS blog site and I’m glad I did.
    I did exactly the same thing, I uploaded some files to the wrong place and lost my blog.

    I wish I had seen this post before then cos I might not have panicked and deleted everything.:-)

    I only had a few posts and pages so I wasn’t too bothered after the initial shock.

    I just started all over again.

    But had I had more on my blog I think I would have cried.

    Thanks for the backup links.

    All the best

    1. Hi Gert –

      Yes – feeling as if you have lost everything can be frustrating even scary, especially when you do not consider yourself a techie, as I don’t. Happily, I’ve found that backing stuff up regularly (I have set the plug-in to do it automatically for me once a week), makes restoring stuff a whole lot less daunting. And once you’re confident about restoring things, you don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel!

      I’m glad it all worked out well for you – happy if I’ve helped!

  7. Hi Susan, phew i bet that was a releaf.

    A few weeks ago i optimized my salespage and when i uploaded that it all turned chinese (ish). I thought it was the page so done the upload again, still chinese… I got onto my host and asked his advice. He told me to delete the page and upload it via my control panel, which i did and it corrected the problem. It was something in the FTP code that caused the problem, but thanks to some help from a techie guy i was saved.

    If i had not had the help of others i would probably still be sat there in disbelieve.

    Thanks for the plugin links, i’ll look into them now.

    Regards, Barry

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