Pill Popping Stress Relief?

I am not a great one for resorting to pills at the drop of a hat – but nor do I shirk it.  With the very highest respect to those women who do “natural childbirth” (whatever that is in this day and age), when I went in to deliver my twins, I wanted the very best medical care that modern medicine could provide and that definitely meant pain relief! 

It’s vital that you take medication if it is appropriate for you and your condition at the time you take it.

OK – now I’ve made enough disclaimers to avoid being sued I hope, and I want to talk about stress. 

Some people approach stress relief by medicating.  Others refuse medications and believe in solving stress in a more “natural” way using exercise, dietary changes, meditation etc.  Which is best?  Which way is the most effective way to tackle stress? 

It depends.

Certainly, many people have used medications to treat stress with great results.  Often a prescription medication will have a quick and decisive effect that brings a person’s stress levels down to manageable levels.  

Likewise, many people report feeling much lower levels of stress when they incorporate certain healthy practices into their lives such as a regular routine of exercise, combined with counseling, meditation and other stress-reducing techniques.  

In truth, the best way to tackle stress is the way that works for each individual person.  That’s not a cop out.  I simply want to convey that what works for you at the time it works for you, is the best method.  And often people find that the best solution is a combination of therapies and stress-reducing methods that may include both medication and organic methods.  

Because stress is so detrimental to health, and truly can be deadly, it’s important to explore all avenues when deciding on the best way to handle stress.  Medication only treats the symptoms and not the causes of stress.  But it can be crucial in cases of extreme stress. 

Be kind to yourself.  Do not be afraid to use medication if you need it.  That is what it is there for.  And whilst you are benefiting from medical science, work on the root cause of stress so that eventually the medication and the stress can be eliminated.

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5 thoughts on “Pill Popping Stress Relief?”

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  2. Hi Susan!

    I agree with you completely, Susan. I feel that the person themselves are the ones who really do know what is best for them.

    Best Regards,

  3. Hi Susan,

    Your article is right on! I’m a mother of three little ones under 7 and a disabled husband. You bet, stress takes over! I get nausea, heart palpitations and my head feels like it’s gonna explode when I’m stressed. The only thing that helps me is {product and link deleted because I don’t condone products like this} – it’s amazing! Instant stress relief in a pill! I take it when I can’t take it, if you know what I mean. WAHMS unite!- I’m rooting for you! Great Blog!
    Thanks for letting me post!

    1. You’re welcome Linda –

      Pleased you’ve found something that works for you – just sorry I had to delete the link and name because I don’t want people thinking I recommend this sort of product. I don’t. The best stress relief is natural. But it’s your right to have your opinion.

      All the best.

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