Massage Your Stress Away

Yesterday I treated myself to a massage.  It was wonderful!  Fifty five minutes of bliss – Well pain and discomfort actually – but the bliss came later.  Massages are tremendous as a form of stress relief and I really do respond well to them.

I really don’t get enough massages and I’m not sure why not – well actually I do.  Two reasons really – expense and time.  But really, can I afford not to?  I mean what price is health?

Anyway, yesterday I decided enough was enough.  I was fed up with hobbling about with pains in my feet because of the tension in my lower back.  And my neck was so stiff with physical stress that I could literally feel my shoulders tensing up.  I booked myself a full body massage.

My therapist, Bijal, was new to me but she combined all the regular massage techniques with pressure on acupuncture points.  It started well.  She massaged my back and neck, back of my legs, front of my legs, feet and then started on my stomach.  Tummy massage is something I’ve always avoided like the plague but I thought, why not? – I won’t say I enjoyed it, that would be going just too far, but it was OK.  Then she massaged my arms, hands and finished off with my shoulders, neck (from underneath) and head. 

I swear I floated out of the room!  I can wholly recommend a massage if you’re feeling under the weather with your stress.  And don’t be scared to try something different.  Stress relief is all about what works for you so if you fancy something different, try it.  You never know, you might just love it!

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4 thoughts on “Massage Your Stress Away”

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  2. Hi Susan,

    I agree, massage does wonders for stress relief. I often feel it’s a shame it costs so much as people on low income miss out on the great benefits, but because I do back massage myself I recognise how much work goes into it. I doubt I could do it for a living, it’s hard work! Luckily I get to give something back once a year as I participate at a function where people can come in and pay £2 for a ‘taster’ of a number of different things. I have always offered palm reading at this evening but this year I will be offering back massage. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hello Susan,
    Well done treating yourself to a massage. As a runner I have had a few massages, but the jury is still out on whether it has any benefit for muscle treatment. It is undoubtedly good for stress relief however.
    Keep up the good work.

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