Is It More Stressful To Tell The Truth Or Lie?

It sickens and saddens me that some people still prefer to tell a bare faced lie rather than tell the truth, even when there is no consequence either way.  I can sort of understand the action in the case of children, who sometimes assume they’re in trouble whenever a grown up asks them what they’re doing and take “evasive action” – but when the behavior is actually that of a playground parent, I can’t help but wonder what moral code they’re using to bring up their child.

It was a simple enough question I asked an acquaintance/mother in the playground.  Rather than answer it truthfully though, she clearly went out of her way to give an overly elaborate answer, which I knew immediately was untrue because of other information I had.  The thing is, I wasn’t bothered one way or the other what the answer was, so why did she deliberately lie?

I knew immediately she’d lied to me.  And because the atmosphere changed between us, she knew I’d caught her in a lie too.  The conversation ended and I was left wondering why she’d done it.

It preyed on my mind and I felt stressed all day as a consequence.

I hate lies. Oh I admit sometimes they’re necessary – like white lies.  And I read somewhere that the average child has been lied to 500 times by their parents by the time they start school.  But unnecessary lies – the ones where the truth is as inocuous anyway.  Why lie?

I don’t know why she did it and it’s still on my mind.

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