Hypnosis For Self Improvement

People usually think of people making fools of themselves by stage hypnosis when the topic of hypnosis comes up.  This is unfortunate because it scares people and makes them unreceptive to the real therapeutic uses of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can be used in many different ways and is especially useful in the area of “self improvement.”  For example, it can be used to change bad habits, overcome fears or live a more healthy lifestyle. To highlight this, I’ve listed a few of the best uses of hypnosis for self improvement.

Quit Smoking.  Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit and one that many people actively seek to give up every year.  It hurts people’s health in the short term (making them much shorter of breath) and also in the long term.  However, smoking is addictive.  It’s extremely difficult to stop smoking cigarettes. But hypnotherapy has been proven effective in helping people to quit smoking cigarettes time and time again.  I actually know people in my own life who have been able to stop smoking with hypnosis.

Losing Weight. You may not believe this but hypnosis is actually one of the most effective ways to lose weight.  Why?  Bad eating habits and bad exercise habits are what really cause someone to get fat.  Those habits are very hard to change consciously.  However, hypnosis works at the subconscious level.  You (or anyone else with a weight problem) will be able to lose weight if they make the right food choices and exercise choices on a daily basis.

Sleep.  One of the best (and in a way most obvious) uses of hypnosis is to help with sleeping problems.  I have experience with this myself. I had a lot of trouble with not being able to get to sleep and then I got some “get to sleep” hypnosis mp3s to play in my iPod while I was lying down in bed.  This method allowed me to simply listen to my headphones and fall asleep easily.  No pills necessary!  This is a great thing because sleeping pills are bad news.

Stop Nail Biting.  This is another bad habit that can be stopped through the use of hypnotherapy.  A habit like this is extremely difficult to stop consciously but it can be quite easy to stop subconsciously using hypnosis.

No More Fear Of Flying. Fears such as a fear of heights and a fear of flying are all irrational which makes them difficult to lose with the conscious mind.  Fears like these can be removed from the subconscious with hypnosis.

Improved Confidence. Improving your overall confidence with hypnosis can improve your life in so many ways.  It’s very hard to do this with your conscious mind.

However you use hypnotherapy (and there are a lot of ways) please forget the old idea of hypnosis that you see in the movies.  It is “mind control” and it’s not scary.  I highly recommend hypnosis to anyone who wants to improve themselves in some way.

Hypnosis can also be used for more nefarious purposes such as to hypnotize people during conversation. But Marvin J. Markus prefers to use it for self improvement. The Unexplainable Store is recommended.  Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/self-improvement-articles/hypnosis-for-self-improvement-851558.html


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  1. Hi Susan, Thanks for your blog post. Reading your about me page, I’m surprised you had a problem coming up with a niche. You know a lot of interesting stuff!
    You write well, and I will be checking out further posts.

    Good luck on the Masterclass course.

    Regards, Ray.

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