How To Overcome Writer’s Block

Right now I’m trying to build an online business with all that involves.  Time is short and there are always lots of tasks I need to attend to.  So I am finding it difficult to find interesting things to blog about (that and the fact that I’m currently trying to run two blogs – long story).  Anyway, I wondered what other people do when they hit writer’s block so I did some research and thought I’d share my findings here (just in case it helps anyone else!)

1. Free writing
Free writing is simply letting what you want to say tumble out into a flurry of words onto the screen.  Disengage brain.  Do not edit midway or do anything that will interrupt your flow.  Don’t even spell-check until the end.  Just let go.  This is one method that works really well for me (especially if writing at least 400 words for an article is one of your problems!)  Free writing is great.  The more you write, the easier it becomes.  It clearly works as that is what I’m doing right now!

2. Go For A Walk
A lot of people swear by this method.  I’ve heard more than once that “Some of my best ideas come when I’m walking the dog!”  Although personally I don’t think they can have a terrier that never seems to want to end the walk at the same time as I do – leaving them harassed and fed up!  Exercise does however get the blood flowing – including to your brain, so I can see why it would work!

3. Save It For Later
You can always save that blog post or article for later. Save it as a draft and come back to it in the future. Who knows, a new angle may pop up and suddenly the block is gone.

4. Kill Distractions
No not your kids!  I mean close your email account, Twitter and YouTube and sign in as “invisible” on your IM services.  Cutting out distractions will help free your mind and give it chance to be creative and overcome writer’s block

5. Keep An Ideas Notebook
This is a longer term solution.  Keep a notebook of blog ideas to hand at all times.  That way you can jot down your ideas whenever a spark of genius strikes and nothing is forgotten.  It also means that if you have an especially creative week, you can refer back to your blog idea notes when you next suffer writer’s block!

6. Read Related Blogs
Reading articles and blogs related to your topic of interest will always provide you will “food for thought” and help you to overcome writers’ block.  And don’t forget to include a pingback to your inspiration blog post! 

7. Take A Nap
An overloaded tired and stressed brain will not function properly.  You may find that a nap is all it takes to refresh your creative juices!

So there you have it!  Obviously some will work for you better than others but now there’s no excuse for writer’s block! 

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5 thoughts on “How To Overcome Writer’s Block”

  1. Hi Susan, what an interesting post, my alternative to go for a walk is go to the pub for a few hours with a note book. By the time I have read the paper, had a chat and a drink I usually find lots to write about. I often end up with 8-10 sheets of A5 notes plus lots of ideas for the future. Feel free to drop by my blog and make a comment if anything interests you.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I love your blog – I’ve found some very useful information here already; stuff you know but forget about.
    I’ll be back for more.
    Sue French

  3. Hi Susan, greta posts to your blog, with lots of good tips to control newbie-disease and focus your efforts online. I like jotting ideas down for later expansion, and also making a draft title and notes in my wordpress dashboard, for later. I also think the word processor is the greatest invention because you can rework, cut, paste and mould your thoughts into a polished piece over a period of time.
    keep up the good work, and i see you have mastered some of the splash page magic maze :o) John

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