How Not to Manage Holiday Season Stress

How to Best StressHappy New Year! 

Well the holiday season is drawing to a close and exhausted parents are looking forward to their little ones returning to school – actually some (most?) have probably been looking forward to the schools reopening since they closed before Christmas! 

And that’s simply because Christmas, indeed ANY holiday season, is a stressful time.

But why should it be?

Well, ideally, it shouldn’t.  After all, it is a holiday season when everything is supposed to be jolly, enjoyable, focused on family, sharing and giving.  But somehow it never turns out that way.

This year, as with last year, I found that my life was once again overtaken by events.  I’ve spent much of the year lurching from crisis to crisis it seems, and true to form, I catapulted into the Christmas season like a runaway express train.   

It didn’t help that I was laid low with flu for almost two weeks.  And yes it was flu (not “man flu” but the real one!)  I had all the aches and total exhaustion – and I also had a really bad head cold too.  Not that I got any sympathy!  It actually took one of the moms at school to offer to pick my kids up and drop them at school the following morning, because I looked “like death” (thanks!) – before my other half (finally) took me seriously and allowed me to stay home whilst he did the school runs, in what has been bitterly cold weather here. 

This left me with very little time to do all the preparations, decorations, cooking etc that I wanted to do for everything to be “perfect”.  And I guess that is the problem.  We all want everything to be perfect!  Or maybe not. 

This year I was aiming for “getting through it” and there were times when I was sure I’d set the bar too high!

I CAN’T be the only one who gets just a LITTLE bit stressed when faced with Christmas cards for every child in each of the boy’s classes, can I?  They’re 5 now and without a word of a lie, getting them to write cards was worse than having root canal treatment at the dentist.  THEY HAVE to write the cards themselves.   I couldn’t bear the SHAME of facing the parents in the playground when “little Jemima has written and HAND MADE and decorated all hers herself” if my two could only just about manage to sign an “X”.  But the supervision of the writing… let’s just say it’s NOT the time to give up your favorite vice!    

Four evenings it took.  And when they were finished, I was informed that they HAD to put chocolate coins because that was what everyone was doing this year.  Anyway, chocolate coins were not to be found, so darling husband came home with some Roses (mixed wrapped, loose chocolates).  Great!  So then I spent a tense half hour sorting through the chocolate centers to avoid known allergies (“Johnny’s allergic to strawberries”, “Tariq doesn’t like mint”) and removing all the nut containing ones and STICKING them ONTO the envelopes, because the boys had enthusiastically stuck them shut some time earlier.

It wasn’t much better with the tree decorating.  I love doing the Christmas decorations – normally – but because the boys had already finished school, this year they “helped” me.  As a result, the decorations took me three times longer than usual, the tree had TWO angels on top of it (“Twins, mummy, like us”) and two baubles that have survived years and years of Christmases finally shattered resulting in panic as I shooed children and dogs away from broken glass and pine needles.

Still, at least we all enjoyed the pantomime!

Next year, I’m going to make sure I reduce Christmas stress properly.  I will write all the cards early in December, buy everything online in November and have it all wrapped and the house decorated before the boys finish school.  Or maybe I’ll just get it delivered from Harrods..!

How was your Christmas?

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2 thoughts on “How Not to Manage Holiday Season Stress”

  1. Bless you, Susan, what palaver! And to be ill just beforehand….just adds to the stress, you are right. Well I had an American business colleague here for 6 weeks so had a great time doing all the English things that I don’t usually make time for…a week in Scotland in the snow, carol services and Victorian Christmas events, a show at Thursford, went to see the Queen on Christmas morning, (my friend was bowled over by that one!), two meetings in Swindon with a fellow marketer to do the only bit of work we did for the whole six weeks!! All in all a very jolly time – but I have no children so although there were stresses I avoided I also don’t get the joy of having youngsters around for the festivities. There are some blessings to having a family, I know you see them too.

    Happy New Year and all the best to you for 2011.

    Enjoy the journey.


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