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OMG! There is always so much on TV over the Christmas and New Year holidays that I simply cannot watch at the time of screening that we “V plus” it.  This is exactly the same as Sky Plus, but we have a Virgin Media account – hence V+.  What this means is that when I do get to watch it, it is often significantly later than when it was screened.  And this is exactly what happened to me last night.

Noddy Holder (of Slade fame) did a rundown of his Top 50 Christmas Songs for 2010.  Actually he does this most years but previously it’s only been 40 songs – and I watch/listen to it as I’m putting up the decorations (but see last post).

Anyway, for one reason and another (again, refer last post), I didn’t get to see Noddy’s Seasonal selection at the usual time but managed finally to see it last night.  Seeing that there were FOUR HOURS recorded, I watched it with my finger on the fast forward button until I came across something I wanted to hear.  And after FOUR HOURS of recordings (what IS the digital equivalent of “taped”?) we were down to the final three. 

Noddy had already selected and played all the usual suspects:  Bing’s White Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Snowman Song, Stop the Cavalry, Wham’s Last Christmas etc as well as a few odd ones (what WAS McCartney’s Frog Song doing in there?).  I knew Band Aid’s Feed the World would be in the top three, and yes, Noddy chose it for his Number 3…

I was waiting for the final 2 songs to be revealed when…

The picture froze and “Would you like to go to Live TV, play again or delete this recording” popped up.

NnnnnOOOooooo!  I couldn’t believe it – or rather I could!

Stress Reduction TOP Tip:
When recording TV programs, make sure the recording goes a few minutes beyond the expected end of the program.

I ASSUME that Noddy’s own “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” perennial was his Number 1 choice, as it hadn’t been played previously… But WHAT was his Number 2 song?  Everything else I can reasonably thing of had already been played.

If you saw the program and can put me out of my misery, please let me know.  What were Noddy Holder’s Number 1 and 2 Christmas Song choices for 2010 please? 

Answers much appreciated!

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  1. Sadly I didn’t watch it, Susan, but I do empathise about missing the end of the recording. I’ve done that many a time, when previous programmes have overrun, or the clock on the video has been a bit out! I hope someone can tell you …

    Enjoy the journey.


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