Choose Your Car And Stick With It

If you’re anything like me, when you decided to venture online you thought, “What am I going to do” and then you discovered there were so many opportunities online that the temptation is to be dazzled by the “newest shiny” object that comes around. 

Even now, when I am well aware of what I am doing, I still fall prey to the latest temptation and before I know it, I’ve been at my computer over an hour and not done anything on my business – just messed about getting more and more distracted with things that will work, given time – just like everything else on my “to do” list. 

It reminds me of an analogy I came across a while ago.  Imagine you have a red car that has run out of gas and you have to push it to the garage to fill up (OK I know you would probably walk and refill the jerry can but bear with the analogy!).  If you keep pushing the red car it will eventually start moving. 

But then you spot a shiny blue car, and you decided to push that instead.  You can’t push two cars at once so you stop pushing the red car.  Another guy comes along and starts to push the red car.  In the meantime, you spot a silver car that needs pushing and you leave the blue car to go and push the silver one instead.  And so on.

At some point you look up and see the guy pushing the red car into the garage, filling up, getting in and driving off. 

He was focused and stuck with the red car. 

You need to be like the guy pushing the red car.  You need to apply laser focus to your Internet marketing efforts.

I never said it was easy.  It’s hard to stay focused when your mouth’s watering with every small success you’re having.  When you’ve got several things on the go and you want all of them to be “up and running” you’re likely to sabotage your own efforts.

Do ONE thing at a time.  Get it going.  Then do another thing.  You’ll probably complete both projects faster one at a time than doing them both together anyway. 

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