I’m Susan Owen-Thursfield a WAHM of twin boys.  This picture was actually taken by one of my sons whilst he was just four (so much better than any photo my husband has taken!) 

I’ve had a lot of different roles and developed interests in a range of personal development issues but it wasn’t until I became a WAHM with twin sons, two rescue dogs and an online business that I became actively interested in stress management!

Stress effects are frequently underrated.  I have seen first hand the “gung-ho” macho attitude to stress that some large multinationals, partnerships, even small private consultancies have – requiring individuals to work under increasingly stressful conditions.  Now, more than ever, it really is up to each individual to take stress management seriously – for the sake of their own health.

I try to focus on what works. Learning to control, manage and reduce your stress levels is a vital life skill and I think the missing piece to living the life you want – see my free stress relief eBook, Destress for Personal Happiness (click the image).  I want to help people to understand and learn stress management techniques and have added a stress relief ecourse along with the eBook too.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I am a real person with real person stresses.  I know what works for me, so if you can identify with me, it may also work for you.  If so, please subscribe to this blog, or sign up for my fortnightly newsletter (coming shortly) and I’ll catch you again soon.

Susan Owen-Thursfield